Songs in the Key of X, Episode 65: The Party Show

Do you like to involve yourself in social situations? Have you ever indulged in any kind of intoxicants? Are you able to dance in public without fear of ridicule or humiliation? Then join Jeffery X Martin for a shindig out in the woods on this episode of Songs in the Key of X! He’ll tell you his five favorite party songs! Thrill to the tale of the second worst party he ever attended! Most of all, groove to some music that will kick off a celebration in your earholes! Get up! Get down! Get over here and listen to this show! Oh, you’re already here. Sorry. Didn’t see you there.

Why, yes! There is a BBP Songs in the Key of X Playlist on Spotify! Thank you for asking. Would you like some videos while you’re waiting? They’re complimentary! And for cryin’ out loud, Todd, use the coasters. They’re there for a reason.

Did you hear me, Todd? We said, use the coasters! Hand over that drink. Good grief. We can’t take you anywhere.

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