31 Days of Horror 2022 Presents Figure Friday – Halloween III: Season of the Witch Toony Terrors, TMNT Donatello as the Invisible Man

It’s the penultimate Figure Friday of spooky season and BBP!’s 31 Days of Horror and the only thing more frightening than that is the joke that I’m about to recycle. It’s less recycling and more of a confirmation that I have been blessed, no, cursed with the gift of prophecy. All my preorders from the last year are coming in and my Visa is screaming the screams of the damned.

At least I’ve got new stuff to write about this week!

Halloween III: Season of the Witch Toony Terrors Trick or Treaters Three-Pack by NECA

Halloween III: Season of the Witch, previously known by most as “the one without Michael Myers”, has undergone something of a critical reappraisal in recent years, garnering its own fanbase and merchandise. I’d expect this trend to increase especially now that it’s officially not the worst third entry in the Halloween franchise. 

If you haven’t seen Season of the Witch there’s still time before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st and that one FM station in your area switches to 24/7 Christmas music. The movie is wacky as all get out and even managed to drop this banger of a track that should be added to all your Halloween playlists (Flashing lights warning for that link). 

Give us candy or we’ll make you watch Halloween Ends again!

Even though Myers was largely absent (he still manages to make a Stan Lee style cameo at one point) the movie is not without its own iconography in the form of these trick or treaters. Without burying you in the lore, the Witch, Pumpkin, and Skeleton are all integral parts of the movie and it’s cool to see them realized in this Toony style.

I’m familiar with NECA’s Tony Terrors line but have managed to avoid purchasing any until right now. For me, it was the presentation of the three-pack along with the figures having a lot of character to them. The box art is fantastically realized with a couple nice nods to the film itself and it looks good if you’re so inclined to leave the figures in the package.

I literally just got this three-pack yesterday and I was admittedly sweating a bit about if I’d have them in time for this column. The Great Pumpkin (and UPS) delivered thankfully and I now have a new centerpiece Halloween decoration.

Universal Monsters x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Donatello as The Invisible Man by NECA

NECA is clearly (hey-hey) at it again with their Universal Monsters x TMNT line with Donatello as The Invisible Man going up for preorder recently. At first, I was unsure of the whole mash-up  aspect of the line…until I cast my mind back 30-ish years and remembered this wasn’t the first time the Turtles had achieved such a feat. 

A lot of the fun from the original Playmates TMNT figures was that they weren’t afraid to do absolutely anything with the TMNT property. Don’t you dare imply that it was an attempt to keep new product on the shelves to feed a rabid fanbase, I won’t hear of it. It did, however, answer the question of “how many times can you release variations of the same four characters?” The answer was…infinity-plus-one.

While these figures fall into the “Not For Me” category, I did find myself especially taken with this Donatello. It’s such a perfect mash-up of him and Universal’s The Invisible Man but what really pushed me over the edge was his transparent shell complete with floating slices of pizza therein. It’s such a fantastic little detail that moves the needle from “good figure” to “great figure.”

Obviously a see-food pizza.

Plus, check out all these other cool details:

Box Contents

  • Donatello as The Invisible Man figure
  • Alternate head
  • 4 Alternate pairs of hands
  • Alternate pair of feet
  • Hat
  • Bo staff
  • Microscope
  • TGRI Journal
  • Glass

Donatello will be out this coming March but NECA has already released a whole slew of Universal Monsters x TMNT figures that are available now if you’re not able to wait that long.

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