Gilbert Speaks on Techno-Horror Film ‘Blank’

As a writer with five books already published, and my sci-fi fans wanting a fifth book for my Roof Oasis Series, I know just how frightening writer’s block can be. In Natalie Kennedy’s sci-fi horror film Blank, writer’s block is the least of Claire’s problems.


Blank is a Brainstorm Media drama directed by Natalie Kennedy and stars Rachel Shelley, Heida Reed, and Wayne Brady. Claire (Rachel Shelley) is a well-known author who has been on the Best Sellers’ List many times, but right now she has her agent and publishers breathing down her neck. Where is her next book? Well, it seems that poor Claire has lost her muse. She is dealing with a blank page, and she needs help. When her agent suggests a retreat to help kickstart her writing, Claire signs up at a luxury retreat that not only comes equipped with everything she will need for her solitary stay, but it also includes a robotic companion (Heida Reed).

What could go wrong, right? In the beginning Rita the robot is very helpful as she caters to Claire’s every need. There is also a hologram named Henry (Wayne Brady) who checks in on Claire and even plays chess with her. Claire goes running every day, drinks her many glasses of wine, smokes like a chimney, but all the ambiance does nothing for her writing. The page is still blank.

When malware causes havoc on the retreat’s technologic support system, Claire is trapped inside her cabin. Rita will not let her out until the book is written. With the looming food shortage and terror that Rita might actually harm her, Claire begins to write about a young girl and her abusive mother.


There are only three people in this drama, but the film focuses on Claire’s struggle to write. Through flashbacks, we realize that Claire is writing about her childhood, and that the girl in the story (Annie Cusselle) is really Claire as a child, and that the abusive mother (Rebecca-Clare Evans) was also a writer.

The script, written by Stephen Herman, stays away from all the unnecessary trappings of a sci-fi techno film, instead serving us an awesomely frightening take on a future. Rachel Shelley and Heida Reed are solid actors and keep us on the edge of our seat until the very end.

Blank will be released on VOD/Digital Platforms on September 23 just in time for Halloween. I highly recommend you watch this film.    

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