Biff Bam Pop! Kids Presents In The Game: Nintendo Sports Switch Brings Classic Fun to Gamers Old and New

For a generation of gamers, the Wii was their console, and one of its biggest highlights that everybody played was Wii Sports. It was the gateway into actually feeling as though players were involved in their games, motion-controlling their little Mii’s while playing Bowling, Tennis, Boxing and other sports.

Wii Sports is a classic, and it’s now been brought over to the Switch as Nintendo Switch Sports, introducing the game to a new gaming generation, including Biff Bam Pop’s Princess, who carved out some space in her room so she could get active while trying all the various sports out.

Andy Burns: So, you’ve been playing Nintendo Switch Sports quite a bit, I see.

BBP Princess: Yep!

Andy Burns: We’ll, what can you tell people about it?

BBP Princess: Nintendo Switch Sports is bascially Wii Sports with new avatars and on the Switch.

Andy Burns: How much did you know about the game going into it?

BBP Princess: Not a lot! I knew it was made to get people to exercise.

Andy Burns: It is getting you to exercise?

BBP Princess: Yep! I’m playing the games that are currently available – tennis, badminton, soccer, bowling, volleyball and Chambara.

Andy Burns: What the heck is Chambara???

BBP Princess: That’s exactly what I thought your reaction was going to be! It’s Japanese Sword Fighting. Chambara is a sword fighting thing with one wooden rounded sword each.

Andy Burns: Now, what about the joy cons and motion control. How does that work?

BBP Princess: You attach the joy cons with the strap and then you can move your arms and legs to play the sports. It’s really fun to be able to do this and play all these sports.

Andy Burns: So out of all the games on Nintendo Switch Sports, which is the one that you like the best, and why?

BBP Princess: I like bowling because I’ve won it a lot! But it’s also fun going up against so many people.

Andy Burns: How many people do you play against?

BBP Princess: 20!!!

Andy Burns: Jeez, that’s pretty competitive. OK, this sounds like a super fun game so tell our readers, who would like Nintendo Switch Sports and why?

BBP Princess: Anyone who wants to exercise more, or just likes sports games! People should get this game.

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