In The Game: Princess Looks at Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch

Growing up, I was all about playing tennis. I wasn’t into any other sports, even hockey, which was typically a must for every kid in the Great White North. Not me, though. Instead, I loved John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, Boris Becker and Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and Jim Courier. While I was never even remotely good enough to dream of a tennis career, I did get to a point where I could have competitive matches at tennis camp, which I went to for five years in a row.

Tennis was a shared love between my mother and I, and it’s one that I’ve tried to give to Biff Bam Pop!’s Princess over the years, but truthfully, it’s been a while since I’ve been engaged in the contemporary tennis scene.

The Nintendo one? That’s a different story, especially with the release of Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago. Contained in the game – an adventure mode that finds Mario taking part in a quest, free play, tournaments and much more. While you can play it straight with a variety of Mario-centric characters, the fun begins with all sorts of speciality shots at your disposal. While I’m typically a purist for the sports video games I do play (tennis and WWE titles), there’s no question that Mario Tennis Aces is the most fun I’ve ever had playing any tennis game.

The Princess and I played against one another, using the ability to turn the Switch Joy-Cons into two separate controllers.

Andy: So, Princess, what did you think of Mario Tennis Aces?

Princess: It’s pretty competitive. You barely ever win if you’re my ages. This guy over here (pointing at me) has won something like five rounds, and I only won one!

Andy: Well, I am a little older than you, and I’ve been playing tennis video games a long time.

Princess: You are competitive! And that’s final!

Andy: Ok, ok, maybe a bit. Here’s what I want to know – what did you like about the game?

Princess: I liked that its like Mario Cart 8, where you can deceive what character you want to be. I like Peach.

Andy: What do you like about her in the game?

Princess: I like her outfit, and her style of playing.

Andy: Could you figure out the controls easily?

Princess: I needed some help.

Andy: You wound up getting the hang of it, though. You did some big shots.

Princess: Yes! But those big shots weren’t worth it! You kept catching them!

Andy: That’s true, I can’t help it. I love tennis games, and this one was really fun for me. I liked playing as Mario.

Princess: Really?

Andy: Yeah, he’s my favourite of all the characters available. Do you think you would enjoy playing this game with someone your age, as opposed to playing with your Dad, who is kind of an expert, if I do say so myself.

Princess: Yes – this is definitely a good party game.

I  agree with the Princess on that. Mario Tennis Aces is definitely a good party game, for novices and veterans alike. She’s also right. I am competitive at tennis, even if it’s Mario Tennis. And I kicked her butt.


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