Experience Horror Times Four In The ‘Spectro – One Shot’ On The Wednesday Run

We live in busy, busy times.

Whether it’s school, work, family or the multitude of pop culture juice flavours that we all drink, there’s plenty to keep us busy and there are plenty of interests that take up the little time we have available in the course of a normal day.

Maybe that’s why bullet points and 280 characters and microblogging permeates our existence so much. Or all those out-of-context sumptuous sound bites. Or those hilarious super short Tik Tok vids all the kids upload.

In any case, it’s tough to find time and watch another viewing of the Special Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings or sit in an easy chair and re-read the Complete and Uncut Edition of The Stand (no matter how desperately you may want to) when you’ve got two young children vying for your attention alongside a Frozen Ice Palace playset or a Hot Wheels Sky Crash track.

From my perspective and life circumstance, short stories are the way to go, right now. And if I can merge that literary format with a comic book? Oh! That scratches me right where I itch!

Well, once the kids are in bed.    

Today sees the itch so pleasingly satisfied with the horror-centric one-shot comic book called Spectro!

Spectro One-Shot written and illustrated by Juan Doe; published by Aftershock Comics.

What happens when technology becomes sentient or if you ex-communicate a member of the nine planets? What is discovered when an explorer traverses the tallest mountain peak in our solar system or when a scientist confronts the worst traits of humanity?

There are all sorts of deep-rooted and difficult questions regarding humanity and our current existence that can be more easily addressed under the guise of science fiction and horror. Those genres allow us to dig deep into the truths of our own beliefs, all the while protected by the illusion of disaffected distance.

But make no mistake. There is important meaning to be found in our internal archeology – and Spectro confronts them in its anthology of cosmic horror, karma, the mind and, ultimately, revealing human truths.

Confront your own terrors and make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the Spectro One Shot today!

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