Gilbert Speaks on Simon Drake’s ‘Lost Angel’

I love a good mystery, especially when the script and acting is “in your face” fabulous. When Lisa returns to Newport after her sister’s death, she gets help from an unexpected source.

Lost Angel

Lisa (Sascha Harman) arrives by ferry for her sister’s funeral. Her Aunt Sarah (Maggie Clune) tells Lisa, “Some boys found her.” The police have ruled Melanie’s death a suicide: hanging, but there is no note. The police had also found drugs in Melanie at her autopsy

Simon Drake’s mystery thriller, Lost Angel, which stars Sascha Harman, Fintan Shevlin, Duncan Henderson, Maggie Clune, and Tim Blissett keeps us on the edge of our seats from the very start.

Lisa doesn’t accept the police’s version of events, even though we learn that Melanie did not always choose the right people to hang with. Determined to get to the bottom of why her sister died, Lisa does her own investigation. It isn’t long before someone steps in to help. Rich (Fintan Shevlin) tells Lisa that he witnessed a man in a green jacket standing near the tree where Melanie died. Lisa wants Rich to go with her to the police, but there is one little problem…he’s dead.

I know what you’re thinking, but having a ghost in this film actually works out well. Harman and Sullivan are a delight to watch and as I said in the beginning, the script and the acting are top shelf. With Rich’s help, Lisa realizes that Melonie may have unwittingly discovered something illegal going on at Incin, a company that destroys dangerous drugs.

The situation goes from bad to worse after Lisa discovers a microphone attached to a headband. Did the police miss this important clue while investigating the scene of Melonie’s death? More information is later found at Rich’s apartment, but the head of homicide (Tim Blissett) refuses to listen to Lisa.


Every clue that Lisa follows leads to someone’s death. There are bad people in the coastal town of Newport that don’t want their secret to get. Are the police involved? Lisa not only has to hide from the Incin goons , but also the police. The only clues Lisa has comes from her sister’s diary.

As a psychic/medium who sees the dead, I loved Shevlin’s character, Rich. Drake did the impossible by making Rich an important part of the storyline sans the comedy usually associated with ghostly interventions on film. Left Films released Lost Angel on demand and digital on March 15th. Make sure to check it out.

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