31 Days of Horror 2021 Presents The Week In Horror: ‘Horror Noire’, HBO’s ‘Hellraiser’, ‘Psycho Goreman’, + more!

We’re just shy of a week out from Halloween, so it’s time to get in those last few spook-a-doodles before the big day! This week, I’ve got news about yet another adaptation of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Shudder’s Horror Noire anthology, news about a potential sequel to one of my favourite movies of 2021, Steven Kostanski’s Psycho Goreman, and much more!

Shudder’s fantastic documentary about Black voices in horror, Horror Noire, is getting a new anthology by the same name. The film will, of course, feature Black talent both in front and behind the camera, including Sean Patrick Thomas, Rachel True (The Craft), and the icon Tony Todd (Candyman). Take a look at the first trailer for Horror Noire ahead of it’s release this Thursday October 28!

We’ve got some brand new chilling stills from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s The Deep House, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. The film, from the creators of the iconic L’Interieur (Inside) will be released on EPIX on November 5.

Deep below the surface of a seemingly tranquil remote lake lies a perfectly preserved family home. When a young influencer couple sets out to explore the submerged house to capture uncharted content for their social media followers, their dive turns into a nightmare as they discover a sinister presence. With limited oxygen supply and time running against them, the couple must find a way to escape the underwater house of horrors before it’s too late.”

Check out these fresh stills!

Steven Kostanski joined Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast this week and spilled that he’s “actively working” on a sequel to his surprise 2021 hit, Psycho Goreman. The film has a Kickstarter underway for a comic adaptation (which, I believe, has blown clear past it’s goal as of this writing), but a sequel would certainly be welcome.

Kostanski told the podcast that “I want to follow that up with something that delivers, and so the more people love the movie and want more from it, the more I’m like ‘oh shit, I’ve gotta deliver a thing.’ And I’m trying, “I’m working on it. It’s surprisingly complicated trying to get this off the ground. Sequel issues… rights and things. Just trying to make all the things line up, and also just find the time to sit down and write the damn thing. I hope to get something going soon.”

Until that sequel drops, you can check out Psycho Goreman over on Shudder.

David Bruckner isn’t the only one with Cenobites on his brain and an adaptation of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser in the works. David Gordon Green, of Halloween, Halloween Kills, and an upcoming Exorcist trilogy is also looking to bring the ol’ puzzle box to the screen, this time for HBO. Gordon Green will be directing the pilot with Michael Dougherty (Trick R Treat) also writing. Gordon Green told Entertainment Weekly that he’s fascinated by the idea of two different teams tackling the same property, and it’ll be interesting to see how his version converges or diverges from Bruckner’s.

If your dream is to never sleep again, boy have I got a real estate prospect for you! Apparently the house from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street is up for grabs, according to Deadline. Located at 1428 N Genesee in Los Angeles, the house where Nancy Thompson (Heather Langencamp) first faced off with Freddy Kreuger in 1984 features three bedrooms and four bathrooms. You can also languish in comfort with “walnut floors weaving through archways and an open retro-modern kitchen, built-ins, a grand primary suite, ensuite bathrooms in every bedroom, and a separate laundry room.” No word on whether or not the $3.25M asking price includes a blood-vomiting bed, or Johnny Depp.

I still don’t have the first clue what NFT’s are, but apparently a set of them, based on the Saw series’ iconic traps, will be available through Autograph.io this week. The press release says that “[i]n this gamified hunt, individuals who acquire a collectible from each of the three categories – whether from primary NFT sales, on the secondary market or both – will receive exclusive access to additional Saw content, which Autograph will drop into customers’ wallets on Halloween, October 31st, at midnight ET,”

Maybe this announcement video will whet your appetite for whatever these things are? Who knows!

Finally, the scariest thing I saw this week didn’t come from A24, or Raven Banner, or Rob Zombie, or even Mike Flanagan, but Royal Caribbean Cruises. Now, I’m not saying I’m judging you for going on a cruise in the year 2021, let alone a 9-month one like the one here, but I am saying that I am writing nine separate horror spec scripts about this nightmare of an idea. Anchors away!

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