Gilbert Speaks On ‘Necropath’

Everyone knows that I love zombies. I am a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead, and my Roof Oasis Series even has zombies. What causes the zombie apocalypse in most films and books is either something from space or some nasty government official using biowarfare to control the populace…which leads to my review of Necropath.


Necropath is a Cayo Industrial horror film by Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight, which is produced, written, and directed by Joshua Reale. It stars Moe Isaac, Nathan Faudree, Cassandra Hayes, Lillian Colvin, Natalie Colvin, and Shain Hence. The story revolves around a family: husband, wife, teenage daughter, and infant trying to escape the city and head towards the stadium…where they hope to be protected by the military.

Something has caused this outbreak, but the only clue that we are given is that it may be connected to the drugs on the street and maybe due to a pharmaceutical conspiracy.

It’s bad enough when law-abiding citizens are dealing with the apocalypse, but when you add the crazies, the psychopaths, and criminal element to the mix…dying might be a blessing. While the main zombie, Scag (Moe Isaac), tries to continually feed his drug habit…the teenage survivor (Lillian Colvin) desperately tries to protect her infant sister from Scag and a female zombie who thinks the baby is hers.


Necropath was a bit too gory for this granny’s taste, but if you are a fan of the Grindhouse style presentation, then you may very well enjoy it! Necropath is available now on VOD.

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