We Found A Great Book Called ‘We Found A Monster Vol. 1’ On The Wednesday Run

Who doesn’t love a good story about monsters? Here at Biff Bam Pop! we sure do. So, anytime, there’s a new comic book dedicated to the timeless glory of fiends, beasts and other unnatural brutes, we’re sure to pay attention.

And if it’s a story geared toward a younger generation of burgeoning horror enthusiasts? Well, if any good monster’s ultimate purpose is for others to be more like them, who wouldn’t want to influence the kids of today into all kinds of “dark” and “disturbing”…fun!   

Enter writer and artist Kirk Scroggs and his brand new We Found A Monster Vol 1. graphic novel.

Scroggs is no stranger to DC Comics. Or monsters for that matter. In late 2019, Scroggs and DC Comics published The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid – a youthful and fun take on the sophisticated horror of the long-standing muck-encrusted protagonist, Swamp Thing. Scroggs has also been writing and drawing the Wiley & Grampa’s Creature Features and Snoop Troop series of books, so he knows the creepy crawlies and mysterious manifestations in our world.

But, more importantly, it also proves that he knows his audience.  

We Found A Monster follows up The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid in that it specifically targets kids in grades 3 through 7. Here’s a graphic novel that is as much the story of a kid unravelling the mystery of secret monsters living in his suburban and sleepy town, as it is a duo-tang diary of his grade school life. What kid hasn’t written and doodled their disdain for parents, school bus trips, history class, and bullies in the columns of their blue-lined school notebooks turned journal?

And that’s the format here: daily interactions in the life of Casey, a dreamy, horror movie loving, monster-believing, bit-of-an-outsider, grade-schooler. All the while, it’s a childhood lesson immersed in a larger story of werewolves, vampires, mad scientists, and the heavy secrets that friends carry. And the respect we need to have for each other.

All of the most important life lessons were learned in grade school, didn’t you know? It’s high time you influence that young ‘un in your life, moving them just a little towards the darker corners of fun-fiction and comic books.  

Make the (socially responsible) run to your local (better) comic book shop or bookstore today and curbside pick up We Found A Monster for that young school-aged, monster loving, dreamer, sort-of-outsider in your life.

And then furtively slide the book away while they’re sleeping…so you can read it for yourself!

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