The Week in Horror: ‘A Creepshow Holiday Special,’ ‘Hunter Hunter,’ ‘The Last Drive-In’

Happy Holidays, fiends! I hope Krampus wasn’t too cruel to you naughty little freaks and you got some cool horror merch and movies under your trees.

Did you catch A Creepshow Holiday Special on Shudder?

What about Hunter Hunter? I hadn’t even heard of Hunter Hunter until a few days ago and now so many people have commented how amazing it is. Directed by Shawn Linden and starring Final Destination‘s Devon Sawa and Sin City’s Nick Stahl, it’s a survivalist horror film set in the deep wilderness of Alaska. Elric Cane of Colors of the Dark Podcast described it as “The Gray meets the New French Extremity.” And apparently you should go in kinda cold, so maybe don’t watch the trailer below for maximum effect? At any rate, I’m psyched to see it now.

Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl also hosted a holiday special on the Last Drive-In, with a fund raiser and a Christmas horror double feature with two films I’ve never seen. Deadly Games aka Dial Code Santa Clause is a mean little French film, but deceptively so. On the surface, there’s a Tim Burton Pee Wee’s Big Adventure filtered through a child’s Rambo obsession aesthetic, with a rather syrupy holiday melancholy, but then there’s this psycho Santa wanna be, who might be a pedophile and certainly has no problems with murdering dogs and people alike. The tone is all over the fucking place, but it’s entertaining. I haven’t had time to finish Christmas Evil yet, but I’ve heard enough about it that I’m looking forward to getting to it tonight. Overall, The Last Drive-In specials have been really good, even when its a film I’ve already seen, but they’re especially special when I get to see something totally new.

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