The Week in Horror: New Mutants, Vinegar Syndrome, Predator, Stranger Things

Happy Monday, fiends! I hope you’re all doing well.

As we barrel towards the end of 2020 we’re still looking at sparse releases, delayed productions, and ambiguous release dates for a number of horror films. Sort of horror adjacent, I finally saw The New Mutants, which I’ve read a number of bad reviews for as well as some edge lord hot takes that must come from a place of staring at your phone for 95 minutes, looking up as the end credits roll, and say, “huh? What happened? That sucked.” I don’t know what movie people thought they were watching, because I found New Mutants to be one of the better X-Men films and just last week I finally saw Dark Phoenix, which also got some crap reviews, and I flat out disagree with the hate. These movies were fine. They were well made and entertaining. New Mutants is definitely the stronger of the two, but that’s just because you CAN NOT do The Dark Phoenix saga in a single movie and have it be anywhere as meaningful as the comic. New Mutants was dark, creepy, and built some good tension and earned its climax by taking its time introducing the characters. Very strong cast, cool effects, and worthy addition to the Fox-era X-universe. On a personal note, getting just one foot on my soap box, I think its bullshit that New Mutants kept getting kicked down the line and that we won’t get a sequel and that The Gifted was cancelled when it was more interesting than the bottom third of the films. Moving on. New Mutants is now streaming.

Vinegar Syndrome has dropped some titles for their 2021 release schedule, including a Nazi-ploitation film, a slasher, an action/revenge thriller, and an odd sounding Spanish/UK co-production from the director of Pieces, called Cthulhu Mansion. Now, by all accounts, this is a fucking terrible movie. Someone even compared it to Manos; The Hands of Fate, but all their negativity, as well as the trailer, has me even more interested.

Dan Trachtenberg, who gave us 10 Cloverfield Lane, has been tagged in as the next director in the Predator franchise. I’m surprised we’re already getting another Predator after the Shane Black/Fred Dekker film failed to excite critics and fans to a big box office success, not to mention the fact that the studio hasn’t exactly been quick to give us much in the way of anything involving the Predator. The sequels are spread out pretty far and not counting the two vs Aliens films, we’ve only gotten four proper movies since the original. Personally, I’ve enjoyed every outing with our favorite hunter from outer space, particularly Predator 2 with Danny Glover. What I wish could have happened at Fox, would have been to see the studio bring in Dark Horse Comics to write and produce the Alien and Predator films, since they’ve always done such a great job with the comics. Now, though Disney owns these films and I just don’t see any hard R, gory sequels in the future. Too bad. Although, we may still get a good film with this next one, so we remain hopeful, yes?

Continuing with its ’80s porn revelry, Stranger Things has cast Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, for season 4. No surprise really, Englund is an iconic actor and he’ll be playing a disturbed killer, what more could we ask for? No release date for the next season so far, but I’d be surprised to see it before 2022.

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