What’s Going On: Kimberly Dawn, Ray BLK, Phabo, The Dirty Nil, Mae Muller

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features new music from Kimberly Dawn, Ray BLK, Phabo, Mae Muller and Canadian band The Dirty Nil. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

Kimberly Dawn – Canadian-born country singer-songwriter Kimberly Dawn is taking us back to the ’90s with ‘’93’, her nostalgic new single. The lyrics harken back to simpler times, no social media, no on-demand streaming services, the days of TV Guide and waiting to hear your favourite songs on the radio. Written with Nashville-based songwriters Megan Barker and Greg Friia and produced by Jeff Cohen and Zach Abend, the song is the perfect escape from the current hectic and often chaotic times. On what inspired ‘’93’, Kimberly Dawn says: “I grew up listening to ‘90’s country, and to this day, I still love it. With ‘‘93’, I wanted to write about simpler times – a happy, upbeat melody that captures the same feelings, hopes, and dreams of ‘way back when’.”

Listen to Kimberly Dawn’s new single ‘’93’ below.

Ray BLK – South London singer-songwriter Ray BLK is out with ‘Lovesick’, the first release from her highly anticipated debut album. Dubbed by her loyal fans as the “the Lauryn Hill of the UK”, ‘Lovesick’ is an anthem about not settling for less than you deserve. Inspired and influenced by legends like Missy Elliott, Eve, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige and current contemporaries such as Drake, SZA and Summer Walker, Ray BLK is definitely here to stay. On the theme of ‘Lovesick’, Ray BLK says: “It really is just about reclaiming your power in a relationship where the person has made you feel like you need them and has made you feel not good enough. It’s about being told no and always remembering to tell yourself yes.”

Listen to Ray BLK’s new single ‘Lovesick’ below.

Phabo – Phabo knows he’s the next big thing. The talented L.A.-based artist has dropped ‘LNF’, his new single. One of the hardest working songwriters currently in L.A., Phabo caught the attention of music lovers around the world with his 2014 four-part mixtape Ratchet & Blues. Showing his versatility, ‘LNF’ is a departure from his usual trap-leaning sound and dives deep into the nostalgic sound of R&B from the past. Phabo’s vocals shine over Louie Lastic’s sultry production. Having previously written for Kehlani, Kyle Doin and Jahkoy, Phabo has a knack for writing lyrics that stay with you long after listening. On the vibe behind ‘LNF’, Phabo says: “LNF is an ode to 2000s R&B which is the mood forever. This record illustrates the most intimate moments on my journey to find real love.” We can’t wait to see what Phabo does next.

Listen to Phabo’s new single ‘LNF’ below.

The Dirty Nil – Juno award-winning trio The Dirty Nil have released ‘One More And The Bill’, their new single. ‘One More And The Bill’ is all about drowning your series with drinks and running away from the stuff that is clogging up your life, a message that is particularly relatable this year. It’s the latest release from the Dundas, Ontario band’s upcoming album Fuck Art, which will be out January 1st, 2021 via Dine Alone Records. Having received praise from the Junos, Kerrang!, and Noisy, it’s clear that The Dirty Nil are one of the most exciting rock bands in Canada today. On what ‘One More And The Bill’ is about, singer and guitarist Luke Bentham says: “Let’s be clear: social media hates you. ‘One More And The Bill’ is an ode to the primitive, casting off the shackles and enjoying life while you’ve got it. This is one of my favourite songs we’ve ever made and we hope you enjoy!”

Listen to The Dirty Nil’s new single ‘One More And The Bill’ below.

Mae Muller – English pop singer-songwriter Mae Muller is giving listeners a heavy dose of girl power with ‘Dependent’, her new single. The self-aware pop song playfully describes that feeling when you know you’re falling for someone and will soon have to give up some of your own independence. The combination of Mae Muller’s witty and honest lyrics with her wicked take no prisoners attitude are sure to make her a pop star for the ages. On the meaning behind ‘Dependent’, Mae Muller says: “That’s what always happens when I start to fall for someone: instead of going with the flow and just enjoying myself, I start to panic a bit because of the power you have to give up. This song is me being totally honest about not wanting to become dependent on someone, because my independence is so important to me.”

Listen to Mae Muller’s new single ‘Dependent’ below.

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