The Week in Horror: Ken Jones, The Orphan, Thirst

Happy Monday, fiends! I hope you’re all well. Welcome back to your weekly horror news highlights.

First off, we need to say a sad farewell to Ken Jones who played the caretaker in Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm. Jones’ eponymous scene wound up being one of the most famous scenes in the franchise, when the Tall Man’s sphere struck Jones in the forehead, drilled into his brain, and then sprayed blood across the mausoleum floor. Over forty years later, the scene still looks amazing. Rest easy, Mr Jones.

Coming December 1st from Iceland is Thirst, a gay vampire splatter comedy, which looks super entertaining. Check out the red band trailer below, and seriously, this not safe for work! My only critique is the title, considering there’s already a Thirst and The Thirst, both vampire films, but screw it, I guess, this looks more than they were.

The Boy director, William Brent Bell, will be bringing back Isabelle Fuhrman as Ester, the titular character from The Orphan for a prequel, The Orphan; First Kill. The original film came out in 2007 and thirteen years seems like a long time to wait for a sequel, especially since Ester is supposed to be a child. There’s no trailer yet, but keep this film on your radar. I’m interested to see what they do here, especially since I liked The Boy quite a bit.

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