In The Game: Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition Is A Fun Time For Any Gamer

Normally when it’s time to review a new game for the Nintendo Switch, the Princess is the one to get he hands on it. As she’s always telling me, the Switch is her favourite console ever (high praise coming from a ten-year old), and she is never without her Switch lite. Which also means, she is never without her two favourite games, Animal Crossing and Splatoon 2. And friends, she LOVES Splatoon 2, which in turn should make our friends at Nintendo super happy, that a heritage game is still finding new fans who are getting swept up into the Inkling world.

All that means is that I’m the one who has been spending a lot of time with the new Switch title, Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition. I tried to get the Princess to look at this one, because I think her perspective is always extremely entertaining, but she wasn’t going to put down Splatoon 2 right now. Which actually worked out very well for me, because I am absolutely loving Pikmin 3.

It’s worth mentioning that I have zero background with any of the previous Pikmin games, which first appeared on the Game Cube and Wii years ago. But going in blind has been beneficial here, as I’ve had no expectations good or bad about the game, which revolves around three intrepid explorers who control a various of plant-like creatures called Pikmin, each breed with speciality powers to help you you explore the world you find yourself in.

I’ve been playing Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition in handheld mode and I’m genuinely impressed with the entire experience. The graphics are gorgeous and and the gameplay is extremely smooth and intuitive. I find that last part to be important; the worst thing I can think about whenever I’m playing a game is struggling to figure out how the heck to things work. That may seem like an obvious request, but let’s be honest – many, many games can just be ridiculously difficult to figure out how to play. From the moment I started playing Pikmin 3, I knew what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to play. The on-screen instructions made it clear how to control the characters and use the various Pikmin to achieve their tasks.

The concept of exploration and discovery is a large part of Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition, but there are also boss battles and barriers to smash, and it’s all just a lot of fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game that I can easily reach for and engage with, so it’s a pleasure to actually reach for my Switch and start playing. I don’t know if Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition was designed for adults or kids or everybody, but I feel pretty confident that anybody can play it and have a good time doing so.

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