The Week in Horror: Puppet Master, Tales of the Uncanny, Creepshow

Happy Monday, fiends! How was your Halloween? We had a surprising number of trick or treaters, which we served with treat bags handed out with a robot claw for everyone’s safety.

We wrapped up the night watching one of the greatest Halloween movies ever made, Jeremy Saulnier’s Murder Party. Sure Blue Ruin and Green Room are technically better made films and I love them dearly, but Murder Party is an annual must-watch, as much as Trick r Treat or Halloween.

Are you like me? Do you love anthology horror films? Well, buttercup, read this…

What began as a modest bonus feature became – when Covid hit – an international Zoom-enabled feature-length documentary on the evolution, challenges and all-time Top 5 greatest anthologies and segments in horror. Severin Films chief David Gregory and House of Psychotic Women author Kier-La Janisse query a global roster of more than 60 horror writers, directors, and scholars that include Eli Roth, Joe Dante, Mark Hartley, Mick Garris, Ernest Dickerson, Tom Savini, Brian Yuzna, Jenn Wexler, Larry Fessenden, Richard Stanley, Joko Anwar, Greg Nicotero, David DeCoteau, Simon Barrett Kim Newman, Jovanka Vuckovic, Luigi Cozzi, Roger Corman, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Gary Sherman, Rebekah McKendry, and Peter Strickland in a candid discussion of such film/TV classics as Dead of Night, Black Sabbath, Kwaidan, Spirits of the Dead, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, The House That Dripped Blood, Asylum, Tales From the Crypt, The Twilight Zone, Creepshow, Tales From the Darkside, Trilogy of Terrror, Two Evil Eyes, V/H/S, XX and more. The film leads us from the very first examples of the anthology film in early cinema, right up to the present day, without forgetting of course the endearing impact that the likes of Vincent Price and Peter Cushing had in creating some of the most memorable classic films ever made.

Just before Halloween, Shudder dropped the Creepshow Animated Special, featuring two stories – one based on Stephen King’s “Survivor Type” and the other on Joe Hill’s “Twittering From the Circus of the Dead.” As with anything, there are mixed reviews online, some more than others about the loose definition of “animated,” pointing out that it was more like a motion comic, but to hell with it, it was still fun and its still streaming. I can’t wait for season 2 of Creepshow . Season 1 was a lot of fun.

One thing I love as a horror fan is collecting figures. I especially really lean into collecting Frankenstein toys and two figures I’ve always wanted to add to my shelf is Peter Cushing as Dr Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as the monster. Well, that may soon be a reality as NECA has announced a licensing agreement with Hammer Films! This on the tail of their announcement addition of the Puppet Master puppets to their Ultimate line. Its truly a golden age of horror.

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