The Week in Horror: Clive Barker, The Stylist

Happy Monday, fiends! Welcome back to your weekly dose of horror news highlights. I hope you’re all doing well and watching lots of horror movies.

We’ve started our season of spooky viewing with Night of the Demons, starring Mimi Kinkade and Linnea Quigley, an old USA Up All Night favorite of mine. In the comments give me your top 3 must watch Halloween films you go to every year. For me, Dougherty’s Trick r Treat, Halloween III, and Night of the Living Dead. If you’ve never seen Night of the Demons check out the awesome opening title scene and tell me you’re not hooked…

But let’s get current!

Clive Barker fans, rejoice! The master of Horror has returned! Clive posted on Twitter this week, “Guys! I’m here! I’m back! It’s been a long silence, I know, but I am returning to the fold with a new novel DEEP HILL, a large collection of out-of-print short stories, NEW short stories and a novella called MERCY AND THE JACKAL, the collection to be called FEAR ETERNAL.

“I’m also ready to release a large volume of some 250 poems, edited by Paulo Lorca and published by @philandsarah, much more news to share so Much love from your crazy author.”

Go ahead, squee with joy!

But that’s not all! Hulu has released the trailer for Books of Blood , an anthology film based on the short stories within the books of the same name. Books of Blood premiers on October 7th and it looks damn good! No word on which stories are actually being used and I’m not going to speculate, I would assume they’ll being different ones than what were used in the other Books of Blood adaptation from a few years ago. Take a look and see what you think…

A big congratulations to Jill Gevargizian, whose debut feature The Stylist (based on the amazing 2016 short film of the same name) just premiered at Fantastic Fest and got a pretty great review from Meagan Novarro over at Bloody Disgusting. The film stars Najarra Townsend (who also starred in the short as the title character) and Brea Grant. I don’t see a release date yet, but be on the look out and of course, I’ll be talking about more once the wide release hits. I adored the short, it’s so lush and well done, with a stunner moment of sound design and visual gore. Check out this clip below and then below that, see the original short.

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