Immortal She-Hulk Delves Deep Into The Psyche of Jennifer Walters

While movies release dates may shifting because of Covid-19, that doesn’t mean there isn’t new entertainment being announced for us Marvel zombies. Last week came the news that Tatiana Maslany will be playing the lead role in Disney+’s upcoming She-Hulk series. For sci-fi fans, this bit of news was huge, since Maslany already has a built in audience thanks to her work on Orphan Black. And for comic fans, it gives us a lot of hope that the character will be as strong on-screen as she has been in books the last few years.

She-Hulk has taken on a prominent role in the Avengers, even dying in their battle against the Cotati in the massive Empyre storyline. Dealing with that death is the core part of the recent She-Hulk one shot.

Immortal She-Hulk #1
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt

Al Ewing, who has been steering the Hulk ship with the dark and disturbing Immortal Hulk series takes us deep into the psyche of Jennifer Walters in Immortal She-Hulk. The ideas and aesthetic are here very similar to Ewing’s work on Immortal Hulk, with Jennifer dealing the psychological repercussions of the multiple times she’s died.

Ewing’s Hulk stories are significantly darker than most Marvel books that are out there right now, in many ways an equivalent to Scott Snyder’s 2010’s run on Swamp Thing. Straight-out horror in mainstream comics has been rare, and while Immortal She-Hulk doesn’t go nearly as far out as its brother series, the tie-in gives it a familiar vibe.

Along with that connection, there’s an absolutely stellar interaction between Jennifer Walters and Wolverine that is worth the price of admission alone. Their conversation is one of those great quiet comic book moments that deliver character development in the most enticing and entertaining manner. There’s another moment with Thor that’s good, but it’s the Wolverine moment that will stand the test of time in my mind.

The only disappointment about Immortal She-Hulk is that it doesn’t set-up a new She-Hulk solo series; instead, her story will play out in the current Avengers series. Then again, I think that means I’ve going to have to see what happens next in that book. I think that’s called smart marketing.

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