Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Indie Horror From People who Write for This Here Site

People still read, don’t they? After all, you’re here and you’re reading. One of the hilarious things about writers is they can’t help doing it. Words are hard, but words are life. So since you’re shopping for holiday gifts anyway, why not give someone the present of words by some independent authors?

[Hint: You may already know who they are.]

For instance: you know Tim Murr, right? He is all over this site. Every Sunday, he graces the internet with his unbridled passion for genre film with his The Week in Horror column. But that’s nothing compared to the stuff that lives in the back forty of that guy’s brain.


Please consider giving the horror fan in your life a copy of Murr’s ghost story, The Gray Man. Based on events he swears are true- and I believe him- The Gray Man is a quick scary read about ghosts, childhood trauma and professional wrestling. It’s a crazy mix, culminating in a third-act shift that blew my tiny little mind.


Also, as the cock of the walk of St. Rooster Press, Murr published an anthology of punk rock horror called Kids of the Black Hole. These stories, all based in the wonderfully grimy world of 80s hardcore, are grimy shots to the rock and roll heart of anyone who still remembers who the hell Flipper is or was or whatever they are now. As a guy who spent a lot of time skanking my way through Sunday matinee hardcore shows, these tales resonate with me. Maybe they’ll do the same for someone on your holiday list.

I reviewed it, didn’t I? Oh, yes. Here it is.


Our fearless leader, Andy Burns, also wrote a book late last year, but he wrote it about another book. This Dark Chest of Wonders: 40 Years of Stephen King’s The Stand goes for the deep cuts, a blast from the past that’s a golden gas, straight from the grooveyard.

I mean, there was The Stand. Then there was the unedited version of The Stand. Throw in the mini-series, the adaptations that never saw the light of day, and the people behind every multimedia iteration of King’s tale of The End of the World As We Know It, and you’ve got a ridiculously in-depth look at the story that changed the apocalypse then and now.

I reviewed it, didn’t I? Oh, yes. Here it is.

Flock ebook cover for web posting

Okay, I admit it. I wrote a book, too. It’s called The Flock and it is the sequel to my first novel, Hunting Witches. Somehow, I feel like I’m too close to the damned thing to really talk about it properly.

They, whoever they are, lied. Talking about books is not like trying to choose a favourite child. Children are separate entities. They have personalities, likes and dislikes despite your best intentions for them. The Flock, like all my books, exists in a world of its own. I was up into the guts of that thing, manipulating every single word and action of every single character in the thing. I can’t speak of it without bias.

I reviewed it, didn’t I? Oh, no. No way in hell. But guess who interviewed me about it? Tim Murr.

That’s right. We’ve come full circle now, and I love it when we can do that.

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