Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Presents Figure Friday – Farscape’s Moya Leviathan

It’s time for another installment of Figure Friday, the peppermint mocha equivalent of the BBP columns: bad for you and created by scientists to trick you into buying the stuff you don’t need…for Christmas!

This week I’ve got a high ticket item that is sure to thrill, delight, and inspire feelings of deep shame in Oprah for not trying hard enough on this year’s “Favorite Things” wishlist.


Farscape Moya Leviathan Limited Edition Replica by Chronicle Collectibles

Farscape is one of my top 10 television shows OF ALL TIME. If you haven’t seen Farscape you must now go and watch all four seasons, then the television miniseries, before ordering this amazing model.

From the product description:

Chronicle Collectibles, in celebration of Farscape’s 20th anniversary, presents a replica of the Leviathan ship, Moya. At more than 14 inches in length, the Moya captures the familiar lines of Farscape’s signature vessel at a scale that’s ideally suited for display on a shelf or desk. Cast in detail-rich polyresin, Moya’s elegant shape will be accentuated by a beautiful light-up feature that illuminates the ship’s many windows from within.

I’m finding it hard to believe that the show is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary because it seems like just yesterday I was firing up my AOL email account to send the Sci-Fi channel a scathing electronic letter regarding the show’s unceremonious cancellation and…yeah the timeframe checks out on this one.

Farscape merchandise has been, in my estimation, pretty thin on the ground over the last couple of decades. There was an action figure line right when the show started and some comic books but never anything that matches the calibre of this model. I will confess that I sunk to ordering a poorly painted Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol from eBay several years ago to add to my home prop arsenal…but had I known that a top tier collectible like this would be coming one day, I would have started saving my pennies then.

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t point out that Farscape was a production of The Jim Henson Company. While I’m legally obligated to enthusiastically love anything they produce I also have to legally point out that there is no readily provable genetic link between myself and that branch of the Henson family.

That being said, Farscape was one of the best genre shows of the last two decades and I seriously hope that it gets a revived by some streaming service out there. With The Dark Crystal looking amazing over at Netflix, the Henson Creature Shop straight up needs another shot at doing a wild space opera. Now that’s what I want for Christmas…and this model.

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