The Leftscape Podcast: ‘The Musical Diaries of emospacebird (Episode 59)’

Erin Dillard, better known in the world of music as emospacebird, moved to Philadelphia last March from Columbia, MO on a wing and a prayer (and with a cold). After a nap and a cheesesteak, she set out on a path of musical and cultural discovery. The youngest of eight siblings in a solidly musical family from St. Louis, emospacebird’s atmospheric voice blends with electric ukulele, looping technology, guitar, and other instruments. The songs express love, loss, personal experiences of world events, and the unique quality of particular moments in time. In this interview, emospacebird talks about the origins of her enigmatic moniker, the necessity of music in her life, and what it is to finally feel proud to be a black woman. Listen to this conversation with an artist whose star is on the rise.

This episode’s All the News We Can Handle segment centers on the torrent of info coming out on Donald Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Wendy SheridanMary McGinley, and Robin Renée, discuss the legal ramifications of the content of the call transcript, questions about the safety of the whistleblower, and shifting opinions on impeachment. Some hopeful news comes in the form of research that quantifies the reforestation needed to stop the climate crisis. In The Blanket Fort, the co-hosts reflect on Impostor Syndrome and how to combat it.

What are this week’s reasons to celebrate? It’s National Work at Home Week and Fire Prevention Week. Days to celebrate include National Coming Out Day, Freethought Day, Chess Day, National No Bra Day, Native American Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day/Columbus Day, and National Grouch Day. The birthday shout outs of the week go to John Lennon, Jackson Browne, Alana Phelan, Mario Lopez, David Lee Roth, Cardi B, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bad Wolves’ guitarist Doc Coyle, and Usher.

The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “The Musical Diaries of emospacebird (Episode 59)



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