The Week In Horror: It’s Not Even Halloween And They’re Already Putting Out Christmas Trailers!

Happy Sunday, fiends! Who saw IT: Chapter 2 this weekend? What did you think? Hopefully, I’ll be getting out to see it next weekend. The trailers look fantastic. And hey, $185 million dollar opening? That ain’t bad.

Speaking of Stephen King adaptations, the final trailer for Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep dropped this week. Based on King’s sequel to his classic novel, The Shining, Flanagan is showing no fear about leaning into the classic Kubrick adaptation, from 1980, which King famously hates.

Richard Stanley has returned to the big screen this weekend at TIFF with his adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s The Color Out of Space. The film stars Nicolas Cage and has been acquired by RLJE for distribution. Stanley’s previous work includes the post-apocalyptic, Heavy Metal-like film Hardware, which is essential viewing. He was famously fired from his adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau, which starred Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer. Stanley’s trials and tribulations are documented in the amazing film Lost Souls, one of the best docs about films ever made. No trailer or release date for Color yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

There’s no way to get around not being a little dubious about the idea of another remake of the classic Bob Clark film, Black Christmas, especially after the last one, but Blumhouse is confident their new take on the classic will be a worthy stab at the proto-slasher. And the trailer doesn’t look bad at all. BUT let me warn you, it seems like they give away a hell of a lot in this trailer. I really wonder what surprises could be left. So hit play at your own risk, because, seriously, there is a lot in this trailer!

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