The Week in Horror: ‘Crawl,’ ‘Phantom Stranger,’ ‘Candyman,’ ‘Rabid’

Hello, fiends! It’s your weekly horror news round up! Hands up, who saw Alex Aja’s Crawl, or will see it this weekend? I won’t be, because I’m poor, but I REALLY want to! Sounds like it’s holding up well among fans. I grew up loving animal attack films like JawsAlligator, and GrizzlyCrawl looks like an absolute blast.

News broke yesterday that John Carpenter will be co-writing a Joker one-shot for DC Comics to be released in time for Halloween. I don’t need or want to know anything else about it. I’m in, I’m buying it. I don’t want to see art, I don’t want to know plot details, I just want it in my eyeballs! So be on the lookout. Talk to your local shop and make sure they pull you a copy. Why hasn’t anyone asked Carpenter to write any of DC’s horror comics before? I’d love to see what he could do with a Scarecrow, Specter, or Phantom Stranger series.

Speaking of Phantom Stranger, have you been watching Swamp Thing on DC Universe?? Macon Blair debuted as the mysterious Phantom Stranger three weeks ago, being every bit as cryptic as he is in the comics. I wouldn’t have thought of Blair, but I’ll be damned if he isn’t an inspired choice. This show has also given us Blue Devil (what?!?), Madame Xanadu (what?!?), and the Floronic Man (ok, seriously!). All we’re is missing is dear old Anton Arcane and the Un-Men.

Speaking of Virginia Madsen (she’s in Swamp Thing as well and she starred in the original), Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele’s Candyman starts filming this August in Chicago. The original remains one the best horror films of the 90s and I don’t care what anyone says, I liked the two sequels as well.

The Soska Sisters dropped the trailer for their highly anticipated remake/reimagining of David Cronenberg’s seminal body horror film Rabid. The trailer is full of Cronenberg easter eggs and also lays out the new storyline the American Mary writer/directors have created. Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl on Smallville) takes over Marilyn Chambers’ iconic role of a woman disfigured in a terrible accident who undergoes experimental surgery that basically turns her into a vampire and her victims into rabid zombies. The film also stars Tristan Risk (American Mary) and CM Punk (The Girl on the 3rd Floor).

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