The Week In Horror: ‘Friday the 13th’ Dead in Every Media

I’m playing a little catch up on the news. I’ve been ill all week on top of working 56 hours at my day job, so I’ve missed a few things. Case in point: the latest in the ongoing fuckery over the rights to Friday the 13th. Bloody Disgusting reported that Gun Media already lost the rights to create new content for their excellent F13 video game. In addition, toymaker NECA, who has kept our shelves well stocked with an array of AlienPredatorA Nightmare on Elm Street, and Child’s Play figures, has been told to finish what they have announced for their Friday the 13th line and then shut it down. They’ve lost the license, along with anyone else making F13 merchandise. It’s safe to say at this point that Sean Cunningham could have avoided all this shit by writing Victor Miller a check. Now it seems the two of them are bound and determined to fight themselves into bankruptcy. Who wins? Who fucking cares anymore? It won’t be the fans. Cunningham has had no creative input in the franchise since he directed the first film, and I don’t think he’s capable of steering the ship now, much less years from now if this ever gets settled. I have no faith in Miller’s ability either. He had nothing to do with the best chapters of the series. What would have been best would have been for Paramount to step in, buy them both out, and not let either ever get their hands on the Voorhees saga ever again. This is a shit show. I love this series. I hate to see it going down the toilet like this. And, I feel bad for every company who has tried to keep the title alive through various merchandising endeavors while waiting for the films to return and who now have to lose money as well.

Let’s collectively turn our backs on Cunningham and Miller, raising our middle fingers, and focusing on what’s positive.

Victoria Pedretti, who starred in last year’s The Haunting of Hill House from Mike Flanagan/Netflix, will return for season two, The Haunting of Bly Manor (obviously as a new character). Bly Manor will be a take-off of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, which was previously adapted as The Innocents in 1961. Like the original Hill House from the 60s, it was quite an effective movie. Pedretti played the adult version of Nell and was one of the show’s most effective and heart-wrenching components.

In horror adjacent news, Neill Blomkamp is tackling a sequel to the original Robocop which will feature the original suit. I’m assuming that means we will see Murphy’s old look for some length of the film, but I highly doubt there won’t be some changes or updates made. After seeing Blomkamp’s Chappie, I wished he had done the Robocop reboot, so it’s nice to see him taking on the original series. Apparently, his Alien 5 is dead, dead, dead. But hey, William Gibson’s original script for Part 3 was eventually adapted into a graphic novel from Dark Horse, so maybe we will see it someday. In the meantime, I can hardly think of a better project for Blomkamp.

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