Cosmic Team-Up Redux In ‘The Green Lantern #8’ On The Wednesday Run

We’ve highlighted the monthly series, The Green Lantern, here at The Wednesday Run column before. It was only seven months ago and you can read that particular entry right here.

All of the excitement that fans had from the very first announcement of the series has not dissipated over recent months. In fact, it’s only grown!

Colour me green…with excitement!

The Green Lantern, under the helm of superstar writer and artist Grant Morrison (All Star Superman, Happy!, Invisibles) and Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, Testament) is the first comic book I read each Wednesday that a new issue is released.

It’s been a gripping and thrilling, celestial ride through the furthest corners of the DC Universe – the Silver Age of comics at the heart of its wholly original adventurous story.

In a day and age when comic book stories seem to last at least six monthly issues in length in order to fill the requisite trade paperback collection, The Green Lantern has been a breath of fresh air.

Sure, there’s a long form story at play here. The series is meant to be twelve issues long, after all – although Morrison and Sharp say that they have another years’ worth of tales to tell if this first go is a success. Spoiler alert: it is! But the refreshing thing about The Green Lantern is that each and every issue can be read as a standalone tale!

How’s that for a throwback?!?

Well, issue #8, out today, is no different. And it hearkens directly back to a legendary comic book from the 1970’s.

The Green Lantern #8, Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp, DC Comics, The Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, comic books, comicsThe Green Lantern #8

Written By: Grant Morrison

Illustrated By: Liam Sharp

Published By: DC Comics


Once upon a time, during the changeover from the Silver Age of comic book publishing to Bronze Age (the 1960’s to 1970’s), the Green Lantern monthly title underwent a now infamous format and name change.

Gone was the title starring Hal Jordan, the space-cop Green Lantern protector of Sector 2814.

Instead, readers got a monthly series called Green Lantern/Green Arrow – a comic book that, despite the shared costume colour, was full of heroic opposites.

Here was Hal Jordan, the right-wing space cop that slung a powerful ring that would physically construct anything that his mind could imagine. And here was Oliver Queen, the ultra-rich socialite and astounding bow and arrow marksman turned left-leaning social justice warrior.

They couldn’t be more different.

That said, they were both hot-headed. And both had a propensity to flaunt authority. Let a successful partnership commence!

During the 1970’s the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comic book was a top seller and ran stories based on politics, justice and, famously, drug use in youth.

The Green Lantern #8 returns to those old stomping grounds with the two heroes out to stop an intergalactic drug cartel that is using earth as its main distribution base!

This is old school fun, found within the pages of a very twenty-first century comic book. And, because each issue of The Green Lantern can be read by itself, not dependent upon what has gone before, you can pick this one up and love it for what it is: a great story with great art that has something relevant to say to us today. All while celebrating the art for and what has come before!

But if you haven’t been reading along, do yourself a favour and pick up the previous seven issues. This has been one of the best comic book titles I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. And I know that you will too!

Sling your shoes and shoot directly for the road. Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up The Green Lantern #8 today!

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