Stitch Yourself Together For ‘Mary Shelley Monster Hunter#1’ On The Wednesday Run

Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1, the new comic book series from Aftershock Comics, is different from Mary Shelley and the monster that have come before.

We all know of author Mary Shelley and her famous Frankenstein novel. It is, perhaps, the most beloved monster novel ever written, and has been told and retold in various genres, inspiring writers and artists since it was first published in 1818.

The genre of comic book storytelling is no different. But what’s different today is the manner of the telling.

Two hundred years after it’s initial publication, the story of The Modern Prometheus is retold – from a non-fiction (sort of) standpoint. Stitched together from the recent discovery of Mary Shelley’s memoirs, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter is thewriter’s first-hand account of the famous monster!

Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1, Adam Glass, Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, Hayden Sherman, Aftershock Comics, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, horror, comic book, first issueMary Shelley Monster Hunter #1

Written By: Adam Glass and Olivia Cuartero-Briggs

Illustrated By: Hayden Sherman

Published By: Aftershock Comics

Written by Adam Glass (Rough Riders, The Normals, Lollipop Kids) who has also penned episodes for the long-standing, fan favourite television series, Supernatural and relative comic book newcomer Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (E TV’s The Arrangement), and atmospherically illustrated by Hayden Sherman (Cold War, The Few, Wasted Space),Mary Shelley Monster Hunter is a compelling idea.

The story takes place in Geneva during the winter of 1816 (two years before the publication of Shelley’s famed novel).  In the Swiss city, along with her fiancé and two sisters and the poet Lord Byron, the group find themselves the guests of Frankenstein at his Estate home.

Of course, there is plenty to see in their strange and peculiar surroundings, but there is more than meets the eye here: frightening event, gruesome findings and macabre endeavours surround Mary and her compatriots – and their mysterious host is not at all what they expected!

This is, truly, the autobiography of Mary Shelley, relayed to us via her hand written memoirs.

In the spirit of comic books such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and novels like The Seven Percent Solution,Mary Shelley Monster Hunter give readers a moody, dark and gothic – and new – take on a long-standing mythology.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you may be, stitch yourself together and make the run to your local comic book shop today to pick up the first issue of the new monthly series, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter!

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