Trailer Time: ‘Dark Phoenix’ Invites Audiences Back to Mutation Nation

Jean Grey is back to tear things up in the 12th X-Men movie in the franchise, Dark Phoenix. No, it’s not about a power outage in Arizona. After a mission in space, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) becomes such a powerful mutant her gifts threaten to destroy the world. Will the other mutants be able to stop her and a race of aliens bent on dominating the galaxy? More importantly, how close will this screenplay stick to the original arc of the comics? Did writer/director Simon Kinberg screw it up? Lots of fans are already saying he did, as some test screenings of Dark Phoenix have been disastrous. What do you think? Watch the new trailer and get ready for Dark Phoenix to fly into theaters June 7, 2019! Or watch the trailer and start nitpicking all the things that seem wrong or inconsistent with canon. Whatever seems right to you.

2 Replies to “Trailer Time: ‘Dark Phoenix’ Invites Audiences Back to Mutation Nation”

  1. I love the X-Men comic books and Dark Phoenix is one of my favorite plot lines besides Days of Futures Past. I really hate seeing these films flop with such a great story behind it and I’m hoping they don’t mess this up as well. The trailer looks promising however, so we will have to see.

    1. I hope you’re right, Victoria. I’m pretty ambivalent.

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