The Week in Horror: ‘Channel Zero” Goes Dark, Kids That Hate Their Moms, And More

Hello, fiends! Welcome once again to your Week In Horror…

First off, our own Jeffery X Martin announced on Facebook this week that he has completed his next novel, a direct sequel to Hunting Witches, which, if you haven’t read it, the hell is wrong with you? But if you’re going to read Hunting Witches, you have to read Black Friday, which is the short story collection that introduces us to Elders Keep, Tennessee. where Hunting Witches is set. There were moments in Black Friday that made me cringe and in general kept me creeped out. One chapter even made me say, “Fuck. You.” out loud, in public. We’ll keep you posted on when The Flock drops and in the meantime, you can hit those links to grab Hunting Witches and Black Friday. Shit, you might as well get The Ridge too, because, ya know, its fantastic.

We also learned this week that SyFy has pulled the plug on Nick Antosca’s amazing Channel Zero after four seasons. Before we collectively shit on SyFy, though, they did commit to four seasons before season one was even out. That’s pretty crazy, no one does that. So a tip of the hat to SyFy for believing in the project that strongly. And a thank you to Nick Antosca and crew for four awesome seasons of a show that we have hopefully not heard the last of (Shudder? Netflix? Hulu?).  Right now, you can stream the first three seasons exclusively on Shudder, with season four coming in March.

New from Orion/MGM on February 8th comes The Prodigy, about a mother who’s concerned her son is in danger from something supernatural. Directed by Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact, At the Devil’s Door), The Prodigy looks pretty creepy, based on the trailer below, which I give a big thumbs up to for the solid Mario Bava Shock reference. For that alone, I’m all in. Check it out…

Will 2019 be the year of the creepy kid vs. the single mom? Because a month after The Prodigy, Wildcard Distribution drops The Hole in the Ground, where a mother starts to question if her son is really her son after they come back from an accidental discovery of a massive pit. While both movies share some surface similarities, both look properly creepy, and The Hole… has an Irish folk horror vibe. This will be writer Lee Cronin’s debut feature.

Release reminder, the new Suspiria from Luca Guadagino hits Blu-ray on January 29th and Dario Argento feels it betrayed the original film. I still haven’t seen it, but I’m not going to let the maestro’s misgivings dissuade me. I love the trailer as much as I’ve loved reading the back and forth between various critics over the film’s worth.

Eibon Press keeps knocking ’em dead. Friday saw the release of the third and final issue of Maniac, based on the Bill Lustig classic and crossing over with Lucio Fulci’s The New York Ripper. This has been a disturbing and well executed ride, like every Eibon/Fulci Comics release, but next month comes the one I’ve been waiting for; The House By The Cemetery, drawn by the great Vince Locke of Deadworld fame. We’ve seen some sneak peaks and yes, you should be excited.

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