The Week In Horror: ‘Call of Cthulhu,’ ‘Gore Shriek,’ ‘Alien,’ ‘Castle Rock Season 2’

Happy New Year, fiends, and that’ll be the last time I say that for the rest of the year. 2019 is going to be a motherfucker of a year for horror, and that’s on the heels on a number of great years for horror. Some things, like The Haunting of Hill House and Hereditary are going to be hard to top, but we’ve got IT Chapter 2 and the team behind Starry Eyes delivering their remake of Pet Sematery. But it’s not just movies; horror is going to kick ass in 2019 on TV, in comics, games, and books.

Case in point? I started playing Cyanide Studio/Focus Home Interactive’s Call of Cthulhu just last night and got to chapter 4. I’m no gamer, as I’ve said before. It usually takes Batman or Jason Voorhees to get me interested in a game, but the mythos of HP Lovecraft is quite a selling point as well. First impression? I want this studio to make a game based on the writing of William S Burroughs next! Call of Cthulhu is a mystery game, where you’re playing a private investigator who suffers from PTSD from his time fighting in WWI. One of the things I love most about the game play? Fighting is rarely the best course of action. You have to use your wits, investigative abilities, and growing knowledge of the occult. I’m way too busy to have started this fucking game right now, but there’s no turning back now. Join me. Enter madness.

The amazing Derek Rook from Rough House Publishing posted this on his Facebook page;

So I’ve got this little publishing company, appropriately titled, ROUGH HOUSE PUBLISHING and on FRIDAY JANUARY 11th at 7PMEST, we will be relaunching our newest title, GORE SHRIEK RESURRECTUS VOLUME ONE, which is a continuation of the original GORE SHRIEK series from FantaCo Enterprises back in the 1980’s hey day of independent comics! Our first issue will be a limited collectible run of 1000 copies and will go fast, so make sure you save the link, save the date and join us!

In the meantime, I invite you to poke around our website a bit and get yourselves antiquated with what we’re all about before our BIG online store launching event next Friday!

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I used to scrounge around every used bookstore and comic shop around where I lived in Tennessee looking for black and white horror comics, like Faust; Love of the Damned and DeadworldGore Shriek was sort of a white whale that I was always searching for, but rarely found. That it’s back something to be well excited for!


The Alien Twitter account dropped an archaic few seconds of animated video showing the name tag of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, who we first met in the amazing and stressful Alien: Isolation from Sega- another game I absolutely loved. No detail on whether this is the sequel to Isolation, the rumored TV series. Amanda will star in a new mini-series from Dark Horse this, year though. At any rate, anything happening with Amanda Ripley has my attention.

And finally, Castle Rock season 2 goes into production this March and all we know is that it will not continue last year’s story. Instead, it will continue to tell unwritten stories within the King-verse. We’ve known for some time that a season 2 was coming, but it’s nice to know there’s a start date for filming!

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