Now Boarding ‘Laguardia #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Laguardia – it’s a clever title, naming the series after one of the largest, most frequently used airports in the world.

The New York based pushing tin facility is the hub of so much activity that people partake in: from business trips, to vacations, to arrivals and departures of family and friends. Within the confines of the new four-issue comic book miniseries, Laguardia, it’s the staging point for a science fiction story about the realities of present-day immigration.

Published by Berger Books, the fairly new and already famed imprint of Dark Horse Comics, Laguardia is written by Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner, Nnedi Okorafor (Who Fears Death, Binti, Akata series) so it’s got plenty of science fiction and fantasy credibility. The series is lavishly illustrated by Tana Ford (Silk, Duck!).

Laguardia Nnedi Okorafor Tana Ford Dark Horse Comics Berger Books mini series science fictionLaguardia #1
Written By: Nnedi Okorafor
llustrated By: Tana Ford
Published By: Dark Horse Comics

Laguardia is the story of immigration. And we all know, being fans of science fiction and fantasy, the best way to represent modern day politics, both social and economic, is to tell stories in the sci-fi and fantasy genre!

In Laguardia, aliens of all different types, sizes and shapes, have come to earth and integrated with society. The main protagonist of the story is Nigerian doctor, Future Nwafor Chukwuebuka, who has just returned to New York City, and her Grandmother, after a stay in Lagos. But she’s brought an acquaintance with her – smuggled through LaGuardia International Airport and Interstellar Airport is an illegal alien plant named “Letme Live”. Together in a South Bronx tenement, they encounter prejudice and discrimination and dark, otherworldly secrets.

Catch the trailer of the series that has echoes of our present day immigration policies and nativist philosophies, right here:

Make the Wednesday run to your local place of science fiction escapes and pick up Laguardia #1 today! You can find a preview of the first issue of Laguardia here.

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