Mr. Sandman, Bring Me ‘The Dreaming #1’ On The Wednesday Run

If you ever wanted to know what happens next for the character named the Sandman, look no further than The Dreaming #1.

Sure, it’s a long, literary affair to get caught up on things, but you won’t need to with the first monthly installment of Vertigo Comics’ new publication. That said, here’s a super abridged attempt:

In 1989, writer Neil Gaiman and artists Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg created the character of Morpheus, Dream of the Endless, the anthropomorphic Lord of Dreams and ruler of the Dreaming. The award-winning monthly series, published by DC Comics (and its mature imprint, Vertigo Comics), was a breakout success – especially with high school and college-aged youth who liked to listen to bands like The Cure and Love and Rockets.

Through seventy-five monthly issues, The Sandman told stories about stories, with Dream as its central character, who deliberately abdicates his throne and supplants himself with another version of his own aspect at the send of the series. Morpheus becomes Daniel.

And the realm of the Dreaming, continues on.

The Dreaming, this new series picks up where The Sandman relatively left off (which in real publishing terms was over two decades ago).


The Dreaming #1 Written by Simpon Spurrier Illustrated by Bilquis Evely Published by Vertigo Comics Sandman UniverseThe Dreaming #1
Written By: Simon Spurrier
Illustrated By: Bilquis Evely
Published By: Vertigo Comics

The Dreaming is in chaos.

Long-lives characters are dead and its once impervious walls have been breached. And Daniel, the Lord of Dreams, is missing.

DC Comics (and Vertigo Comics) have an agreement with Neil Gaiman who oversees the premise of any sort of Sandman-inspired series. And he’s given the go-ahead with this one.

Written by Simon Spurrier (Judge Dredd, X-Force and the novel, A Serpent Uncoiled) and lavishly illustrated by Bilquis Evely (Wonder Woman), The Dreaming focuses on secondary and even tertiary characters in the Sandman Universe, like Lucian the librarian, placing them front and center as they try to keep control of the Dreaming while their absent Master is sought.

But lurking and waiting for opportunity outside broken borders and felled walls is something entirely horrific and destructive to the realm of Dreams!

Open your eyes and wake from your slumber! The Dreaming is the Sandman series you’ve been, well, dreaming to read!

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up The Dreaming #1 today!

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