Go Spelunking With ‘The Lost City Explorers #1’ On The Wednesday Run

My interest in The Lost City Explorers goes back. Way back.

You see, I grew up watching the old Jonny Quest cartoon. Not the 80’s cleaned-up, revamped, suitable for little kids version. No, the original, more “real” version from the mid 1960’s, the one designed by the legendary Doug Wildey and produced by the immortal team of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Now, I didn’t watch it in the 60’s – I’m not that old. I watched the series  weekdays after school and on Saturday mornings, transfixed by outstanding visual tales of Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs in our time, strange and futuristic technology, and terrorist organizations! Jonny Quest had excitement and mystery and evil threats and that dark foreboding “Dah Dah DAH!” music that ensured I’d never turn away from the screen!

Jonny Quest inspired interest in Tom Swift, and then human history and lost civilizations and strange earthly occurrences like The Bermuda Triangle. They gave rise to a fascination with television shows like the Leonard Nimoy narrated In Search Of… and films like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

All that mystery, all that history…and you just know I’m up for a comic book series about adventuring to lost cities!

The Lost City Explorers AfterShock Comics Zack Kaplan Alvaro Sarraseca The Lost City Explorers #1
Written By: Zack Kaplan
Illustrated By: Alvaro Sarraseca
Published By: Aftershock Comics

The Lost City Explorers is a new series from AfterShock Comics, adventurously written by Zack Kaplan (Port of Earth, Eclipse) and illustrated by Alvaro Sarraseca (Turok, Magnus). These are two creators that love genre sci-fi, fantasy, archeology and escapist stories just as much as us.

Here, in the first issue of the monthly The Lost City Explorers, readers are reminded that all myths have a piece of reality embedded within them, no matter how small that piece is.  Well, Manhattan is a pretty big place – big enough to hide the biggest myth of all!

When a mysterious expedition gets disrupted and an antiquities professor goes missing, it’s up to his teenage daughter and her pals to spelunk deep into the winding tunnels below New York City.

What they find there is right out of the best In Search of… episodes! Cue the deep and velvety tones of Leonard Nimoy’s voice: Atlantis!

Spelunk yourself through tunnels and caves (and roads and sidewalks) to your local comic shop today and pick up the first issue of the all-ages myth-investigating fun of The Lost City Explorers!

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