The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Pagans, Prison, and Propaganda (Episode 4)’

Robin RenéeMary McGinley, and Wendy Sheridan begin the new episode of The Leftscape, “Pagans, Prison, and Propaganda,” by recognizing the summer solstice and the Pagan celebration of Litha. The season of basking in the warmth of the sun comes at an opportune time to help keep balance as they dive into the chilling news of the week. They share their reactions to the alienation of U.S. allies at the G7 summit and the bizarre, movie trailer-like “inspirational” video Donald Trump had in tow for Kim Jong-un to watch during their meeting in Singapore.

In the “And Then They Came for…” segment, Robin, Mary, and Wendy seek to recognize and explore an issue that has not affected them directly. They choose the prison industrial complex. With a topic that encompasses such a deeply complex and fraught history, the brief conversation can only just scratch the surface. To learn more and to begin to advocate for an end to mass incarceration, they recommend resources including reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, listening to the fantastic Crooked Media podcast, Pod Save the People, and checking out’s information on women in prison. Look for future “And Then They Came for…” segments to approach other issues of social justice that have historically been outside the experience of one or more of the co-hosts.

On a note both optimistic and nostalgic, Mary talks about her admiration for Eleanor Roosevelt and the role she played in establishing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, then shares info on a women’s history coloring book called Remembering the Ladies by Carol Simon Levin. As it happens, Wendy also has a coloring book for grown-ups called Harlequin and Other Fantasies that she invites listeners to explore. Robin has no coloring book endeavors.

Listen to The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “Pagans, Prison, and Propaganda (Episode 4)


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