The Week In Horror: The Nun, Doctor Sleep, Hereditary, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th Legal Problems

Happy Father’s Day fiends! I’m spent a good chunk of my day reading the new horror novella from Jeffery X Martin and playing God of War III Remastered. The family got me a sweet Batgirl figurine and the novel Itza by Rios de la Luz, which is about water witches living on the Mexico-US border. I’m psyched to dive in ASAP.

So, I think it’s safe to say the biggest news this week was our first look at The Nun, starring Taissa Farmiga and directed by Corin Hardy. Holy shit. Hammer Horror…Mario Bava…in 2018….and it does not look cheesy or like it’s trying to hard! I can’t wait to see this. Look at this pretty ass trailer. And stay till the end…

In casting news, Ewan MacGregor has been cast as grown up Danny Torrance in the adaptation to Stephen King’s The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep. Mike Flanagan is directing, so this film is shaping up to be a big hit.

Hereditary continues to do well at the box office, which is good news for future studio horror films actually making it to the multiplexes.

Is NECA releasing a TV scene Freddy figure from A Nightmare on Elm Street Part III; The Dream Warriors? As they’re teasing on Twitter, looks like it! Great! Next can we finally get a FUCKING NANCY FIGURE???? NECA is wonderful, I love their figures.

If you love Friday the 13th, like I do, you’ve probably been pretty pissed off and maybe a little confused why no one can get their shit together and get us at least one more night at Camp Blood. Well, Larry Zerner, entertainment lawyer extrordinaire, who played Shelly in Part 3, unravled the legal issues surrounding our beloved franchise on Twitter this past week. You can follow Larry @Zernerlaw or follow the link HERE for a quick read. Turns out, Victor Miller is less of a dick than some of us thought, and there may actually be some real issues to work out here.

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