Saunter Down Into ‘A Walk Through Hell #1’ On The Wednesday Run

You can put your trust in the writing of comic book luminary, Garth Ennis. Over a career that has spanned decades and a whole host of publishers and publishing imprints, Ennis is, perhaps, most fondly remembered for the absolutely adored Preacher and the most famous run of John Constantine: Hellblazer (both published by DC Comics’ even more famous mature imprint, Vertigo Comics). But he’s written tons of other stuff too – including World War II history comics like Battlefields, the heavy-hitting crime-noir of The Punisher, heavy-hitting superhero comic The Boys, or James Bond-inspired spy tales with Jimmy’s Bastards, which, incidentally, was also recently published by Aftershock Comics.

So, yeah. He’s been around. And he’s one of the best.

Artist Goran Sudzuka has been around a long-time, too, and his work has ranged from the critically acclaimed Y: The Last Man to Outlaw Nation to Hellblazer: Lady Constantine (all for Vertigo Comics) to a critically acclaimed run on the mainstream superhero monthly, Wonder Woman.

The two creators have walked the genre walk. But they seem to have an affinity for horror tales.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Maybe horror tales haven an affinity for them.

Today, the artist and writer tandem team up in the first issue release of the horror-themed and awesomely titled, A Walk Through Hell.

A Walk Through Hell Garth Ennis Goran Sudzuka Aftershock ComicsA Walk Through Hell #1
Written By: Garth Ennis
Illustrated By: Goran Sudzuka
Published By: Aftershock Comics

A Walk Through Helltells the story of FBI Special Agents Shaw and McGregor. One is a borderline burnout that has seen too much rough and horrid action in her career, while the other is a young, wide-eyed, idealist still learning about the extremes that life has to offer.

Neither is prepared for what they find inside a warehouse when they investigate the disappearance of two fellow agents.

This is a place of horror, of terror, of nightmares never dared imagined, made real. And it’s a place that Shaw and McGregor may never leave!

A Walk Through Hellis a modern comic book horror with a subtle touch on twenty-first century politics, and is made to be savored by two masters of the medium!

Don’t walk – make the Wednesday run to your local comic book shop today and pick it up!

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