“You Definitely Can’t Break Me”: Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’ Arrives June 22

Netflix’s Luke Cage was the biggest surprise of the Netflix Marvel Universe: a TV show that placed an African-American man front and center at a time when Black Lives Matter was being called a terrorist organization by white racists.

Now there’s a new teaser trailer for the series’ second season. Watch:

What is most striking about the trailer is the way it doesn’t talk about Luke Cage. Luke Cage speaks for himself, and directly to the camera. It’s an interesting and effective choice, especially with Eric B. and Rakim’s “I Ain’t No Joke” playing in the background. (P.S. Word is that Eric B. & Rakim are reuniting for a 2018 tour.)

But besides all that, Luke Cage is unapologetic in his self-confidence.

“Get paid, black man, get paid!”

What are you looking forward to in Luke Cage’s second season?

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