New ‘Lost in Space’ Trailer Shows Treacherous Terrain

It’s been a few weeks since Netflix released the teaser trailer for their upcoming Lost in Space series, which premieres on April 13. Now the streaming service has unveiled a full trailer.

In this new trailer, we get a better idea of the danger that awaits the Robinson family after their ship veers off course on its way to a new space colony. In addition to the potentially hostile environment, the Robinsons must also grapple with the potentially nefarious Dr. Smith and contractor Don West.

In addition to some epic set pieces, the trailer reveals the impressive creature/character design for what Netflix is calling a “sentient robot alien being.” It has claw like alien hands but a streamlined astronaut exoskeleton, and is topped off by a cosmic-looking face plate. And yes, the robot says the thing, i.e., “Danger, Will Robinson.” Check it out:

All ten episodes of Lost in Space will be available on Netflix on April 13. Be sure to follow the show on social media.
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