The Librarians S04 EP06: And The Graves of Time

In this episode of The Librarians it’s time to pull out those pocket squares to dab away the tears. It’s Guardians’ day out with, The Librarians and The Graves of Time.


Not wanting to leave a solider behind, Eve hunts down Nicole.

Nicole isn’t keen on being found by any Librarian employee that isn’t Flynn.

After trying to save an artifact that unlocks a box containing an immortals killing knife, Nicole is struck down.

Overcome by guilt after letting his prejudice cloud his judgment, Jenkins transfers his immortality to Nicole.

If the fandom wasn’t already emotionally distraught over a now mortal Jenkins, the episode ends with Flynn resigning as Librarian.

It takes two, or three, or four….

If we are learning anything this season, it’s that for fans, you can’t have too many Librarians, Guardians, or even Jenkinses.

Last week, in The Bleeding Crown, we got two Librarians working together. This week we get two Guardians working together.

It was fun seeing two Guardians together, whether arguing or working with each other. Critiquing fighting styles, and one upping each other, two Guardians is better than one, especially when they are both remarkable ladies.

Cassie did a great job filling in for Jenkins, but I’m hoping it wasn’t foreshadowing that Jenkins will need replacing. Although….if there is a chance of my favorite Library employee needing replacing, I’m not a badass knight, but I’m organized,  have great attention to detail skills, and I think I could look good in a bow tie.

Nerd Alert

You know how nerdy you are when watching The Librarians by the amount of times you shout things out loud like,

“Sweet! Rasputin!”

I recently re-watched the animated movie Anastasia for its twentieth anniversary, and fell down an all too familiar Romanov hole. The same hole I’ve fallen down since a history professor first sparked a class full summer semester students’ history flame. Having just listened to a great Timesuck podcast episode on Rasputin, I was overjoyed to see the creepy, mystic, make an appearance. I was on board for some Rasputin- taking- over- the- world- antics. Thus, I was disappointed that he was defeated with ease.

I was looking forward to spending more time with Rasputin, but I’ll continue to look forward to seeing what character from history, mythology, or literature, I shout for next.

Immortality Hot Potato

Why Jenkins, why?

Of course, we know why, on the surface at least. Jenkins allowed his personal feelings, and paranoia, to cloud his judgement. After making the wrong decision, he did the only thing he could think of to rectify the situation, transfer his immortality to Nicole. The problem is, I prefer my Jenkins immortal. I don’t want to delve into my own psychology to figure out why I need an intelligent, doesn’t stand for nonsense, emotionally aloof, male character in my life, but I do. I need Jenkins, but an immortal Jenkins is a vulnerable Jenkins, perhaps a dead Jenkins. I am significantly worried. Jenkins now has the option of welcoming a final rest.

After spending some time with Nicole, Eve gains a greater understanding of what it means to be immortal. She is having second thoughts. Is she really ready for a whole life of saying goodbye?

Flynn lets the doubts he’s had since episode one this season, finally get the best of him. Flynn isn’t just off on a finding an artifact jaunt, or a finding himself journey, he has left The Library for good.

So, the question is, who in the end will tether themselves to The Library? Right now, they seem to be tossing immortality around like a hot potato. Who in the end will sacrifice themselves to protect The Library and the world?

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  1. I can see Cassandra taking Jenkin’s place. Will Flynn and Nicole tether, and leave Baird as guardian to Stone and Ezekial, two field librarians?
    Because it seems to me that the librarian and guardian tethered to the library tend to stay IN the library. It would be good to have librarians working in the field…

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