The Librarians S04 EP02: And the Steal of Fortune

In this episode of the The Librarians, we learn that you can Macgyver magic detecting, all you need is beer, a credit card, and eye drops. Also, always bet on Cassie.



After being told by Flynn, no friends allowed, the rebellious Jake Stone, leaves the The Library, with Ezekiel in tow, to meet up with an old friend.

At the casino and racetrack, Fortune Downs, the odds are never in your favor. Everyone, except for the Cassandra, can’t catch a break.

After attracting the ire of the vengeful Goddess Fortuna, the gang must use their brains, brawn, and a little bit of telepathy, to stop Fortuna from cursing humanity with the chaos of bad luck.

Standing Alone

I love shows like The Librarians, where not every episode has to be an epic, intense, season plot driving, foray. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy the pure creativity of a stand-alone episode like the Steal of Fortune. Per Dean Devlin, the story was inspired by the location.

librarians steal of fortune race track

As the episode opened, I started to wonder about the gang’s friends and families. Where do they think they are? What do they tell them they do? We get a little peek into this, as we discover that Stone has kept up the ruse that he is an average joe, working a manual labor job. I like getting a glimpse into the outside-of-the-Library, personal lives, of the Library’s protectors, I hope we get more in the future.

Heist shenanigans and it’s only the second episode. Disguises, synchronized tree spying, and the subtle passing off of items. I love when a plan comes together.

fourtune cassie math


The episode brought up lots of questions about The Library’s disguise closet, I mean, I assume they have a disguise closet.  Does Jenkins maintain the closet? Is there a yet-to-be-met Library employee who carefully purchases and picks out the disguises? I feel the need for a disguise closet episode.

What We Learned

Though this wasn’t, from what I assume, an episode that will be pertinent to the season’s main plot, we learned some new things.

  • Like Judson, Flynn can now appear in mirrors. It’s a nice new device to enable Flynn to communicate to his field workers when he can’t be there in person.
  • Librarians are like Super Heroes
  • A bunch of weird events together = magic
  • You want Cassandra with you at the casino
  • Never rub a statue
  • If you have beer, a credit card and eye drops, you can test any item for magical properties. I’ll be carrying eye drops around with me from now on…just in case.


I appreciated the wit and mayhem of this episode. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it a million times more, but I adore The Librarians quirky, creative, vibe.

librarians steal of fortune bushes

It’s not that I don’t like intense drama, but I feel like The Librarians is my television oasis. Instead of clicking off the television, feeling anxious and frazzled, I lay my head down on my pillow feeling giddy and inspired.


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