Outlander S03 E11: ‘Uncharted’


On the last episode of Outlander, Claire discovered that the captain of the Porpoise knew Jamie was a wanted man and planned to have him captured in Jamaica. In a bid to warn her husband about this development, she jumped from the ship. What happened to her? Please be aware that there are spoilers ahead if you haven’t already watched “Uncharted.”

Fortunately, Claire survived her ocean plunge by holding onto a makeshift flotation device, and she swam to shore as she drifted closer to land. A soaked Claire shakes out her equally soaked bundle of meager possessions she brought with her from the Porpoise. She’s not sure where she’s landed or how to find her husband.

For the next several minutes we see Claire’s struggles on the island. She’s desperate for water, and she also seeks to locate a road that might lead to a town or village where she could board a ship to continue her journey to Jamaica. The conditions are harsh on the island, and Claire sleeps on the ground. One day she wakes to both of her legs covered in ants. If that weren’t bad enough, another time she wakes to a large snake slithering across her body. Still, she is determined to find civilization.


Finally Claire hears another person and collapses. This time she awakens not on the ground, but instead tied down to a bed to keep her from scratching at her legs, according to a woman known as Mamacita. She sees that Claire is hydrated and takes her clothes to be cleaned.

Claire falls asleep and wakes up to the man she heard before she collapsed, Father Fogden, a priest. He explains that it was his dog who found her, and he gives her food and water and unties her. To his surprise, Claire explains that she is a physician from the American colonies, and he tells her that she is on the island of Saint-Domingue, where there is a village where she might be able to travel to Jamaica.

Claire is anxious to leave in the morning, but Father Fogden (consulting with a coconut he calls Coco) tries to find excuses why Claire shouldn’t go. Meanwhile, Mamacita seems to harbor some ill feelings toward Claire.

After a much needed bath, Claire eats with Father Fogden and Mamacita. He tells Claire that he worked in another country but fled there with a woman he fell in love with named Ermenegilda, who died after they arrived on the island. Claire is desperate to leave for the village, but Father Fogden suggests that he accompany her much later than she wants to leave. Claire is insistent that they leave sooner, but it seems like Father Fogden wants to replace Ermenegilda with Claire, which isn’t lost on Mamacita, who is the mother of the deceased woman. Father Fogden and Mamacita argue, as she wants Claire gone but the priest tells her that Claire’s presence has brought them luck with their goats. In a moment of understanding, Father Fogden tells Claire that she should be reunited with Jamie and that they may leave in the morning, provided that Coco approves.

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The next day Father Fogden sees Claire speaking with Coco, who advises her that it is a good day to leave for the village. They are interrupted by Mamacita, hysterical that Arabella the goat has been killed. Father Fogden pours bugs from a cave known as Abandawe over the remains of his goat. Claire remembers hearing that name before.

It seems that there was a shipwreck on the island and Mamacita claims a Chinese sailor killed the goat. Could she mean Mr. Willoughby? Claire hurriedly follows Mamacita’s directions to the sailors.

Jamie and Fergus are walking on the beach, as the surviving crew work to fix the ship. They are now without Captain Raines, Murphy, and Warren. The hull of the Artemis is in good shape, but other parts need repair.

The Artemis is floating away from the shore when Claire finally reaches them. She calls to Jamie and signals to them using a mirror. Jamie investigates the light he sees with his spyglass, and finds Claire on the shore. A small boat brings him to land, and Jamie and Claire are reunited once again. She tells him what Captain Leonard knows and how he is looking for him, but Jamie is determined to find young Ian. He also mentions that he gave his blessing for Fergus and Marsali to marry, and he thinks they should hold the wedding on the island. Claire suggests that Father Fogden officiate the ceremony.

Marsali allows Claire to help her get ready for the wedding. The women share a conversation which seems to bring them closer, and Marsali thinks Claire may not be so bad after all. Perhaps they will have a better relationship in the future.

The eccentric priest marries the pair after Jamie gives Fergus the last name of Fraser, since Fergus is at a loss on how to give Father Fogden his full name. For me, that was one of the most touching moments in the show.

It’s hard to believe that there are precious few episodes left. Is it me or does it seem like the third season is going by super-fast? Will they find young Ian? I’m already looking forward to next week.


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