Everything Starts With “Marvel Legacy #1” On The Wednesday Run

Oh! Hello, Marvel Comics!  I didn’t see you there, just now.

I was about to sit down with a cup of coffee and make my list of hot, cool, new Wednesday Run comic books to pick up at my local shop!

Let’s see, there’s Black Magick #8 on my list – that’s a great series! Witchcraft and cop procedural has never been so fun! And the art is dynamite!

There’s Saga #47 – the best sci-fi/fantasy series out there right now! What heart!

I’ve got the Kamandi Challenge #9 on my list. It skewers a little younger, I know, but I love Kamandi and all that Kirby 1970’s stuff. Plus, it’s serialized by different artists and writers each month, and I love that creative idea.

What’s that you’ve got there, Marvel? A new comic book?

Well, to be honest, I’ve been a little out of the Marvel Comics loop lately. I feel you’ve left my interests in your tried and true Marvel philosophy, your Marvel legacy, willfully behind over the last few years. I don’t know if I…what’s that? You promise a return to everything I used to adore about Marvel Comics? With this one book everything about our relationship is gonna change?

I dunno. I’ve heard it before. And there’s only so much money to go around nowadays. Oh, you insist, do you?

Ok. Ok. Ok. Take it easy!

Here. Let me have a look at your Marvel Legacy #1.


Marvel Legacy #1

Written By: Jason Aaron

Illustrated By: Esad Ribic

Published By: Marvel Comics



That’s the promise in the promo cut of Marvel Legacy #1.

Normally, that statement would/should be a warning. An enticing one, to be sure, but a warning, none the less. We’ve heard it all before. It’s comic book company code for: we’ve done something wrong, we need to increase sales, this is a reboot, and you’re definitely, probably, maybe, hopefully, going to like what we’ve done.

Something’s been wrong with Marvel Comics the last few years. Story, creativity, adventurism – they’ve all sort of gone away in the “house of ideas”.  Certainly, the ails of Marvel Comics is ripe for a round-table discussion between Biff Bam Pop! staff and readers, but I’d argue the downward spiral for the company began when they stopped publishing Fantastic Four comics – the family of characters that are the heart of the Marvel Universe.

Does all that change now with the release of Marvel Legacy #1?

No spoilers here, but under the pen and pencils of acclaimed writer Jason Aaron (Scalped, Mighty Thor) and artist Esad Ribic (Secret Wars), Marvel Legacy looks to bring back everything that was once right to this Marvel Universe.

Marvel Legacy #1 begins a story that takes readers from the beginnings of the human race to the hopes of a child’s prayer. In-between, the groundwork is laid for secrets, mysteries, quests and where legends are forged. This is a new beginning, with the appearance of new characters in new situations, and the mighty return of old favorites. Every corner of the marvel Universe will be touched by Marvel Legacy!

At 50-pages long, Marvel Legacy #1 is a one-shot comic book that will launch a reboot of 53 different Marvel series’. New comics, old comics, regardless of their issue number, will see a return to the greatness that was inherent in Marvel Comics! You can find out more, right here.

Well, Marvel Comics, that’s a pretty solid promise. I’m up for the heroics I was used to by the marvel characters I knew and loved.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and join me in new beginnings with Marvel Legacy #1 – the shimmering dawn of why we all read Marvel comics.

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