BBP! Guide To Fan Expo Canada: Day 4 #FXC17

Day four of Fan Expo Canada 2017 starts with an early rise and shine, a cold shower, a healthy breakfast, and a cup (or two) of coffee. Grab your backpack – we’re heading out the door for our last, but still busy, day at the Metropolitan Convention Centre.

It’s a long weekend here in Toronto, and that means today you’ll see lots of kids saddling up next to their favourite cosplay superhero or Pikachu for a chance at a photograph. School starts next week, and you can be sure that tales of #FXC17 will echo through the locker-clad hallways.

There’s always one-more-thing to get, isn’t there? So, as you pick your brain for that last item of fancy, here are the things Biff Bam Pop! thinks you should be checking out between the Sunday hours of 10 AM to 5 PM…


With today being the last day of Fan Expo Canada 2017, the various exhibitors and vendors should be more amenable to pricing negotiations. They want to move their stock (into your hands) so look for discount prices or, more importantly, be sure to ask if the vendors can come down in price for the objects of your desire. Fear not the art of negotiation. They will.



Creator Spotlight On Tom King: 11:00 AM, ROOM: 714B

Tom King has quickly become one of the comic books industry’s most revered voices. His work expands upon the medium, pushing the envelope of what comic book storytelling is and can do. Whether its fan-favourite and award-winning titles like Vision for Marvel comics, The Sheriff of Babylon for Vertigo Comics or Batman and Mister Miracle for DC Comics, this is a spotlight panel that should be fascinating for fans and writers alike.

Is It Time To Sell Your Collectibles?: 12:15 PM, ROOM: 717A

Oh god. Please say it isn’t so. Still, the truth is: we all knew this day was going to come. Maybe you got married. Maybe you had a kid. Maybe you’re buying a new house. Maybe you’re going to have a mortgage. Those comic books, vintage G.I. Joe figures, googly-eye stickers – they’re worth some do-re-me and it’s come time to usher them into the hands of some other worthy soul. Preferably someone with the hefty cash money reserves to pay you handsomely for them. This is the panel that will offer you advice on how to sell them, if not a shoulder to cry on.

Celebrity Q&A With Star Wars Favourite Anthony Daniels: 12:30 PM, ROOM: 106

C-3PO…everyone’s favourite protocol droid in the Star Wars saga! This Q&A should make for fascinating and enjoyable hour for fans of the movies as Anthony Daniels tells stories and answers your questions! Who know…we might even get a tidbit of juicy  background info on an upcoming Star Wars film!

The Art Of The Cover With Steve McNiven, Jae Lee, Adi Granov & Michael Cho: 1:00 PM, ROOM 716B)

Comic book covers are what make you pick up a comic book off of the shelf. There’s a lot of info they need to provide: characters, story or emotions that are inherent in the inside pages. Most of all, however, they need to draw your gaze from the plethora of comic books that line the store shelves. It’s an art, in and of itself. This panel consists of four of the greatest comic book cover artists in the industry – and should make for fantastic listening for other artists, writers or marketers.

Heroes Of The Homefront – The War Time Artists Of Canada’s Bell Features: 2:00 PM, ROOM: 717A

How about a little history with your helping of comic books? Here’s a panel that covers the great Canadian comic book illustrators during the middle part of the twentieth century. There’s a book coming our commemorating the works, and this panel aims to shed light on that era – and give some updates on the publishing of Heroes of the Homefront…follow author Ivan Kocmarek for more info!

Celebrity Q&A With The Cast Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 4:00 PM, ROOM 102

In a nutshell, this Q&A panel is the theme of Fan Expo Canada 2017. How could anyone miss it?!? It promises to be the most rambunctious of gatherings! Perhaps toilet paper or even rice will be thrown in the air! Check the person sitting next to you – they may be willing to share a swig of the hidden mickey of schnapps in their backpack! Still: eyes up on the stage – the cast of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show are here for you…lets all do the Timewarp again!


We here at Biff Bam Pop! hope that you’ve enjoyed your Fan Expo Canada 2017 experience! See you again next year…until then, it’s time to rest our weary feet!

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Fan Expo Canada runs from Thursday, August 31 to Sunday, September 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For schedules, tickets and information, visit their web page at:  

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