Let Your Cup Runneth Over With “Time & Vine #1” On The Wednesday Run

Oh, those beautiful vistas of the Sonoma countryside – how I long for thee!

Oh, those marvelous Tuscan hills, ochre-tinted and rolling against a clear blue sky – how I want to stay again!

Oh, the endless panorama of the Barossa Valley – may the image be forever in my sight!

Oh, the cool and calming climate of the Valle de Casablanca – may I dream of you once more!

The connection to these four locales? It’s evident isn’t it?

Wine. Nectar of the capital “G” Gods. And if you’re anything like me, a good glass of wine makes for an enjoyable time.

Be it Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Syrah or a Blanc, every glass of wine takes you to its place of origin, enlightening you to its landscape, its people and its history.

And that’s the premise to today’s release of the absolutely lovely and tasty Time & Vine #1!


Time & Vine #1

Written and Illustrated By: Thom Zahler

Published By: IDW Publishing


Written and illustrated by Thom Zahler (Love and Capes, Long Distance), the basis to Time & Vine is, of course, a love of wine.

It has to be!

But it’s more than an enjoyment of the senses – it’s also an enjoyment of narrative and visual storytelling. Just like it’s easy for you and I to get lost in a good bottle of a Brunello, the main characters of Time & Vine do the same…only it’s across years, centuries, and eras!

Time & Vine tells the story of a grade school teacher, looking to get away from her problems with a nice glass of the good stuff. Only she’s stopped off at a winery where the nectar, and her host, are special indeed!

There’s a secret here – a secret you already know but haven’t, until now,  acknowledged: plumb the tasting depths of that sumptuous sip, that luxurious glass, that opulent bottle…and know that if you drink the right glass of wine, in the right tasting room, you’ll travel back in time to the year that wine was bottled!

In Time & Vine, you explore the history of wine – and the history of your soul at the same time!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and take a sip from the first issue of Time & Vine – educate your palette and entertain yourself with a fun, galloping and tasty adventure!

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