It’s A Wonderful #WonderWomanDay – Let’s All Celebrate!

You’ve already heard that the new Wonder Woman film has been released this weekend – and it’s making for some pretty glowing reviews!

We’re hearing that it’s full of action, adventure, tears and joy – and that there are <a-hem> pardon the pun – wonderful performances throughout the film!

Yesterday, Biff Bam Pop! Editor-In-Chief, Andy Burns, predicated a $105 million bankroll for the film in its first weekend of release. That’s a hefty and, frankly, outstanding sum of coin for this film and a number that can only be deemed a victory for the DC Cinematic Universe. There’s a lot riding on the Wonder Woman film both creatively and monetarily.

But Wonder Woman is more than just a single film. The character is a 75-year old pop culture icon of strength, love, hope, and will – not to mention an number of other positive and engaging adjectives!

Did you know that today, June 3, is #WonderWomanDay?!

Perfect timing, really…and there are a number of things you, or someone you love, can do to participate in the worldwide celebrations!

In celebrating #WonderWomanDay, one of the first things you should do is visit your local comic book shop. Go on your own or bring your kid. Heck, bring your neighbour’s kid! Wouldn’t it be great to make it a family affair?

Some shops are officially celebrating, while others are unofficially celebrating with book and toy selections, sales and freebies!

DC Comics has put together a web page full of #WonderWomanDay celebration ideas. They’ve got lists of activities as well as a global map full of comic book stores, book stores, libraries and more that are celebrating #WonderWomanDay – you should definitely check it out! They’ve got sweepstakes where you could win a Wonder Woman-themed prize and links to a bunch of deals on Wonder Woman comics and graphic novels from such retailers as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, comiXology (great Hera – 80% off e-books and digital!), Google Play and more!

It’s a pretty sweet way to ramp up excitement…it’s always best to hit the bricks and mortar of your local comic book shop! Many of them will be giving away a #WonderWomanDay Wonder Woman Rebirth#1 comic book! This is the first issue of the latest monthly run, written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Liam Sharp along with a few others. Believe me when I tell you that it’s one of the best Wonder Woman stories to have ever seen publication.

If you’re looking for more #WonderWomanDay reading, online or in hardcopy form, I’d like to present to you a few columns that Biff Bam Pop! has published over the years featuring the iconic character and some of the books she’s been featured in (that you should go out, find and read):


Glen Walker On…Wonder Woman

Here, resident BBP! Editor and regular contributor, Glen Walker, covers one of his favourite superheroes, focusing on the various aspects that make Wonder Woman the hero that she is: from her origin to her relationship with the Greek pantheon of Gods, her Rogues Gallery and her arsenal of super powers.


The 10 Percent: Wonder Woman, 1941-2016

Author and regular contributor to BBP!, Ensley F. Guffey, gives a brilliant, historic take on the origins of the Amazonian Princess through her early days of publication up to the pending release of the new Wonder Woman film.


Tales From The Long Box #3: Wonder Woman #1

The Tales From The Long Box series of articles reviews special and meaningful comic books from the collections of BBP! writers. Wonder Woman #1, published in 1987, breathed new life into the character, firmly establishing her as a hero that could stand on her own, apart from the Justice League members. It’s an important issue in the history of the character – and the beginning chapter of one of her greatest long-form published stories by writer and artist George Perez.


Of course, you just have to do a search on the Biff Bam Pop! website to find a number of other Wonder Woman themed articles and reviews to give you an idea about what to perhaps shop for today. There are plenty to go through!

But there’s a comic book store waiting for you…and a film in the offing. Make your #WonderWomanDay a celebration of all things great!


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