The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Takes You Back to the (LEGO Dimensions) Batcave

For the last two weeks at the box office, The LEGO Batman Movie has been on top. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Batman + LEGO = awesome, as anyone who saw the outstanding The LEGO Movie three years ago can attest. Will Arnett’s voice work as Batman is absolutely the best since Kevin Conroy took on the back in the early ’90s for Batman: The Animated Series. The new film manages to bring laughs to the character while also, perhaps surprisingly, finding a way to address the genuine gravitas that makes Batman so enduring.

The cinema isn’t the only place I’ve been enjoying The LEGO Batman Movie, though. Over the past week the Princess and I have been making our way through the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions.

For those unaware, LEGO Dimensions is the winner in the toys-to-videogames world; pop culture properties from the A-Team and Adventure Time, to Ghostbusters and Gremlins are all part of this massive build and play world that shows no signs of letting up. DC Comics have been a part of the franchise since the beginning, but with the new Story Pack, fans can play through the entire LEGO Batman Movie story. Will Arnett returns to voice the characters, which is entertaining and essential, especially since it appears that many of the other voices are ringers rather than the stars of the film (I’m fairly certain its not Michael Cera voicing Robin, but it may be Rosario Dawson reprising the role of Batgirl).


With the story pack, owners of LEGO Dimensions can play through six levels based on the film, and they are absolutely just as fun as what was on the big screen. The highlight for me was definitely showing up at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude as Batman for a party that, shockingly, the grim Dark Knight wasn’t actually invited to. I defy you not to get a kick out of watching your little LEGO mini-figure cut a rug on the dance floor.

The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack comes with a Batcomputer to build, along with Robin and Batgirl mini-figures and a Batwing that comes in handy during the various levels. The original starter pack is where you’ll already have found Batman, but there’s also an Excalibur Batman with a trusty steed available for the game as well.

It’d worth noting that, while the game is fun, none of the LEGO Dimensions add-ons (or the main game itself) are particularly easy. It’s certainly a fun challenge for both me and my six-year old. To be honest, I think she’s in possession of more patience than her dear old dad.

Considering the box office success of The LEGO Batman Movie, there’s no question that people are in love with what LEGO and WB have been able to achieve at the movies. Luckily, those same achievements are on display in their video game world as well. For fans of the Dynamic Duo, this latest LEGO Dimensions game add-on is a worthy and welcome addition.


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