Get Up For “The Fall And Rise of Captain Atom #1” On The Wednesday Run

the-fall-and-rise-of-captain-atom-1-coverThe lost and the forgotten.

In the mid 1980’s, DC Comics bought up a number of Charlton Comics characters as assets to integrate into their own pantheon of superheroes. They included The Question, Blue Beetle and Nightshade. You might remember them.

You might also remember Captain Atom, another character bought up from Charlton. He was the original inspiration for the powerful Doctor Manhattan in Alan Moore’s seminal mid-80’s series, Watchmen.

Captain Atom went on to star in various monthly DC comic books over the decades, but of late, he’s been nowhere to be found.

Lost and forgotten.

But no more!

Today, Captain Atom returns in a band new, six-issue miniseries: The Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom – and it’ll be a rebirth, ushering the character into the new DC Universe proper!


The Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #1

Written by: Cary Bates & Greg Weisman

Illustrated by: Will Conrad

Published by: DC Comics


This DC Comics version of Captain Atom is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, even if he’s one of the most largely ignored.

United States Air Force Office, Nathaniel Christopher Adam, was framed for a crime he did not commit. In order to receive a Presidential pardon, he volunteered in a government program that was studying alien technology and atomic weaponry.

Of course, nuclear explosions and alien metal make for a pretty awesome origin, and Nathan Christopher Adam – Captain Atom – is imbibed with the powers of the “Quantum Field”. He’s able to absorb and dispel energy…and, occasionally, travel through time.

Which makes the new series, The Fall And Rise of Captain Atom, so interesting.

Captain Atom has been missing, figuratively and literally. The character hasn’t seen publication in over five years. That means he’s missed out on the DC Comics New 52 re-launch (generally) and last year’s Rebirth re-launch (entirely). The characters in the DC Universe think he’s dead.

He’s been forgotten. By everyone – even readers!

But the truth is that Captain Atom has been lost in time. Trapped in the 1990’s, with no powers, now is his time to come home. But have his actions decades ago changed the possible future of Captain Atom for all time?

Written by long-time industry veteran, Cary Bates (who wrote DC’s first, and very fondly remembered, ongoing Captain Atom comic book in the late 1980’s) along with Greg Weisman (Young Justice) and illustrated by Will Conrad (Stormwatch), The Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom is a six-issue monthly series that aims to bring Nathaniel Christopher Adam into the twenty-first century of DC Comics continuity.

The lost and the forgotten.

The fall and the rise.

The beginning of something new, for someone old, someone lost.

This is, at long last, a rebirth for a worthy character.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up The Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #1.

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