The Librarians S03 E02: And the Fangs of Death


We learned many lessons in last week’s season premiere episode of The Librarians. In this week’s episode, we learn never to rely on overly friendly, Canadian security guards or immortal trust falls.


After Flynn has a post-apocalyptic vision, he and Eve set out to find accountant of The Library, Charlene. She is having a little R&R, which involves being pampered by handsome, shirtless, gentlemen who think she is an Incan goddess.


Playtime is over however, when Flynn tells Charlene about Apep’s quest to release pure evil into the world. After Flynn and Eve have what we can only assume was quite a romantic evening, they find the shirtless harem boys dead, and Charlene missing. Flynn rewires the door to find Charlene.


Since it’s not originally what the door is for, it collapses, leaving Eve behind in The Library.

The gang, minus their guardian, find themselves in a secret government lab containing a super collider. The collider suffered an accident, or so they think. Through some sketchy video they learn that Apep used the collider to open a portal, allowing the canine god Anubis to enter the underground base. Anubis promptly begins recruiting humans for his werewolf army.


Pandemonium ensues, things look bleak, but of course The Librarians always have a plan.

Tense and Intense

This was a less silly, quirky episode, and was definitely more intense. Normally I usually get annoyed at commercial breaks, but for this episode, I was thankful for the breather.

This was more or less a zombie outbreak story, but instead of zombies, the pursuers were werewolves. What I thought made the werewolves terrifying is that they for the most part kept their human forms with just a little modification. There’s something more disconcerting watching a human attack in a completely uncontrolled, feral manner, than watching something more akin to a ghoul, beast, or animal.


You have to applaud the writers and actors for creating such fantastic characters. I was 99% sure that everyone would survive, yet, I still found myself afraid and worried. Watching Ezekiel get chomped by one of the werewolves, then seeing him suffer as he begins to turn into one of them, was painful. I was sure it would be alright in the end, but I needed someone in the episode to make everything better, stat.

I’m digging the concept of Apep possessing humans, and the idea that in any given episode, Apep could be anyone. I only guessed it was the overly friendly Canadian guard about 15 seconds before the reveal. I’m onto you now, Apep.


The set for this episode was brilliantly thought out. There were so many shots of characters being chased and running around in confined spaces. It succeeded in giving me the sense of claustrophobia I’m sure they were trying to achieve.

The constant dark atmosphere of the lab with only flashlights to provide scant light, enhanced the sense that something nefarious could be lurking around every corner.

The Departure

It was of course not completely unexpected that Flynn made his seasonal departure at the end of this episode. I always have mixed feelings. Noah Wyle as Flynn is always entertaining to watch, and he and Eve’s banter adds a nice touch of humor to the episodes, but being the main Librarian, his departure usually gives the others a chance to take center stage for a few episodes. I was thrilled seeing Jenkins out of The Library. I hope he gets to be out and about a bit more this season.


I also have my fingers crossed for a Cassandra-centric episode.

Getting Frozen

I, along with the rest of the fans, am already geeking out over next week’s episode. How can you not be excited when the term “frost giants” is used in the preview? Of course I think the most anticipated episode is still the one starring Felicia Day and Sean Astin. When that episode airs there will be a fandom excitement explosion of super collider proportions, hopefully we won’t open any evil portals in the process.

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