A New Generation Of Surprising Underachievers With “Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #1” On The Wednesday Run

Jupiters Legacy Vol 2 #1

Oh, how this generation is such a disappointment.

They couldn’t possibly live up to the ideals, pride and fervor of those that wrote the book on the twentieth century. Not with their reality TV, drugs, sex, and selfies.

But really, how could they ever live up to their parent’s and grandparents’ generation? Isn’t the disappointment of our children a forgone conclusion?

Well, that was the premise of Jupiter’s Legacy… and continues, albeit with a few turns of plot, through today’s release of Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #1.

Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #1

Written by: Mark Millar

Illustrated by: Frank Quitely

Published by: Image Comics

It was nearly two years ago that the five-issue series, Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 1, hit store shelves. It was an immediate hit, detailing the story of the kids of a venerable super-hero family.

But the truth is, as off-the-rails and wayward as these kids may be, it was the golden generation that was rotten at the core.

Over the last 18 months, fan favourite artist and co-creator Frank Quitely, has been hard at work on Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2. He’s a methodical worker, and needs that extra time for his genius. And really, it’s no bother to fans. It’s a great day, any day, to see more Quitely work!

That said, series writer and co-creator Mark Millar has delved deep into the history of the golden generation with two, six-issue mini-series called, appropriately enough, Jupiter’s Circle Volume 1 and Jupiter’s Circle Volume 2. Here, as a flashback story, readers got to discover the background and personal family dynamics that would make up the world of super-heroes during the middle half of the twentieth century.

Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #1 finally brings us back to the present. And what a present it is.

Filled with superhero death and a new generation’s underachievement, the status quo of the world has been inconceivably changed. What now for the remaining kids of the golden era?

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #1, the spectacular first issue of a new mini-series – and if you need to catch up on the past stories, you can pick up trade collections of Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 1 and the Jupiter’s Circle Volume 1 and 2 at the same time!

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