Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03 E10: Maveth


In the mid-season winter finale of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” it’s Coulson and Ward in final combat on the distant planet Maveth, Hydra searches for their ancient Inhuman god, and Daisy and her Secret Warriors face a baptism by fire. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Maveth.”

The Planet Maveth

Coulson has followed Ward, along with Fitz and a team of Hydra soldiers through the castle portal to the planet we now know is called Maveth. That name, by the way, is Hebrew for death, just a hint of things to come. Ward is looking for an ancient Inhuman God who was exiled there and Hydra wants to bring him back to Earth, assumedly under their control or under its leadership.


So we’re back in blue hues as were seen in “4,722 Hours.” These are brilliant special effects for TV at least, and lend not just a gloominess but a sense of oncoming doom, like an atmosphere of constant blue storm clouds. Most of the garbage spouted by Hydra about this god seems to be just that, until they see it – the wrecked sculpture of the Hydra symbol in the sand drifts. This could be destiny.

Castle Siege

Back on Earth, Malick and Hydra hold the castle in Gloucestershire and therefore the portal chamber where anyone returning from Maveth will reappear. They’ve also got dozens of Inhumans imprisoned to act as their god’s army when he comes through. Hydra isn’t playing this time, it’s just like the comics, the bottom line is world domination.


Mack reluctantly takes charge, but does a pretty good job at it. What I loved is his disbelief at how good his people really are. The Secret Warriors (yeah, I know they’re not called that yet, but we all know it’s coming) take the castle pretty easily. Still I really would’ve liked to have seen Mockingbird kick more ass, never get tired of that. How long until “Marvel’s Most Wanted“?

Simmons and Lash

Much like Fitz, recent events have hardened and strengthened Jemma Simmons. She manages to escape Hydra and comes upon the imprisoned Inhumans, and one in particular – Lash, though still in his Dr. Andrew Garner form. Still human, he tries to strike a deal, along the lines of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’


Yeah, that’s right, she releases him so Lash can tear up Hydra. And he does. When May finds Simmons, and learns her husband is loose, she of course pursues. It’s an encounter that does not manifest however, at least this episode. We’ll have to find out what happens with Lash another day…

Fitz and Will

This is a stronger Fitz as I said. Although brought along to find the next portal home, he has his own agenda. He’s going to save Will for Simmons, and kill Ward, also for Simmons. When the team first found Will, I sensed something was very wrong. I suspected more than once that he might be Hydra, but when he started talking about the planet, and the cities, I knew.


Will was dead, and had been dead since we last saw him. His body was inhabited by the ancient alien god that Hydra was after. Oh crap, Will is this crazy powerful Inhuman god! There were nine cities on Maveth, all destroyed either directly or indirectly by this god. Fitz fights bravely, and it’s easy for him because his enemy looks like Will.

Coulson and Ward

Like Hydra, Phil Coulson isn’t playing. He may have cracked a Tatooine joke and been awoken by a dead lover, but he is serious and one-minded on getting Ward. As I said in the last review, it’s about time for Ward to get what he deserves. As Will and Fitz narrow the Hydra numbers in the No-Fly Zone, Coulson captures Ward finally.


At first Ward tries to talk Coulson to death, per his usual unarmed modus operandi, but Phil’s not in the mood. When our four remaining Maveth survivors converge, Coulson shoots Will, but he’s not down yet… then the portal opens… As Coulson and Ward trade final blows, Fitz lights Will up with a flare gun. Before going home, Coulson thinking of Rosalind, and all those Ward killed, crushes his chest with his artificial hand, leaving it with the body.

Home Free

As S.H.I.E.L.D. missile fire blows the castle to kingdom come, Mack and Daisy, and Fitz and Coulson, are shown to have made it back safely. Simmons waits for Will, but when he’s not there, she finally hugs Fitz. It’s so sad, so sad, and yet, still a happy ending. Unfortunately this is not the end.


Malick escaped the destruction of the castle as he’s driving away his car is stopped by a man in the road. It’s Grant Ward, seemingly alive with creepy eyes. I knew it. As Will’s body burned on Maveth, something slimy crawled from his mouth. Just like The Master in the Fox Doctor Who movie, it found Ward and found its way to Earth. The worst is yet to come…

This was probably one of the best episodes of the season, fitting of a finale, even though we’re not rid of Ward yet. I can’t wait for the return of this series. How about you folks?

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  1. That finale made AoS just about the best show on at the moment … although having just finished House of Cards Season 4 I have to say, there’s another fox in the hen house … any chance you guys will review it too?

    1. Currently there are no plans to review House of Cards at the moment, but I completely agree – it’s amazing television.

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