The Walking Dead S06 E12: Not Tomorrow Yet


A good day for a war…this is what season six is winding down to. On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” Rick meets the residents of the Hilltop Colony. Ambassador Maggie makes a deal with Gregory. Now all Rick has to do is convince the townsfolk that fighting Negan in exchange for the Hilltop’s salad bar is a great idea. Will they agree? Will Morgan?


If there ever was a normal moment in this show, it is in the opening of this episode as we follow Carol. She is in her element, “Mom Mode” as she gathers the ingredients for a new batch of cookies made with beets and acorns. She’s all dressed up in her Soccer Mom outfit and she actually looks happy. That is until Rick rolls into town and says, “We have to fight.” Melissa McBride has done such a freaking amazing job with her character’s growth. If I am ever in a dangerous situation, I hope that I will be as clever and deadly as Carol.


I was surprised to see that look on Carol’s face. I mean, she is Team Rick’s Ninja Warrior, but after Rick’s announcement, you could feel her disappointment. Tobin reminds her that she is and always will be a mom to the people of Alexandria. Other than Rick, Carol is the only one who will outright kill you if she even suspects you’re a threat. Carol is whoever she needs to be to survive. Imagine how hard it is to live in a world where you don’t get a chance to get bored with living a normal life.

But, Carol is also a woman and even though I was counting on Daryl being the one to plant a kiss on our Ninja Queen, it was Tobin who took Carol’s mind off her tally list of kills. I wonder if she has Morgan on the “To Do” list because it has not been mentioned until tonight’s episode why she never told Rick about Morgan hiding Alpha Wolf.


Now that the wall is up and people are feeling a little bit safer, relationships are getting a bit of breathing room. Morgan wants to know why Carol didn’t rat on him. He thinks that makes her an accomplice to the fact. Carol counters with a big “NO.”

Tara wants Denise to go on the next scouting trip with her and Eugene and, in fact, tells Denise that she loves her, but while these two declare their love, Abe is talking Dingle Berries and breaking Rosita’s heart. I like Abe, but really, why now? And, Abe’s explanation, “You were okay when I thought you were the last woman on earth?” Poor Rosita and poor Eugene, whose skills as a “shoulder to cry on,” really suck.


The war has been declared, and now, the townsfolk meet in church to hear the Gospel of Rick. So much has happened since Team Rick set foot in Alexandria and the townsfolk have to be wondering if they would have been better as a mid-afternoon Walker snack then where they are now. On the one hand, they have Jesus from the Hilltop Community behaving all “Godspell” and happy thoughts, but on the other hand, they have to fight another group in order to eat. Rick wants to know if there are any objections. Ha!


Morgan is really pushing his luck. He wants to compromise and give the Saviors a chance to choose peace or war, but Rick’s not taking chances. Kill or be killed is the sermon for the day with even Pastor Gabe taking up a weapon. Rick has it all figured out: have Andy draw a map of the Savior’s bunker; get a proxy head, Gregory’s, compliments of the walkers; attack at midnight. What could possibly go wrong?


I’m not kidding when I say that I keep a bottle of TUMS next to my computer on Sunday nights. I have to down those babies while watching this show. Did Rick really think out his strategy for the pre-empted attack on the Saviors? Did he even know how many people were in that compound, or even if all the Saviors were in the compound and not on their own scouting run?

Rick messed up on this battle as far as I’m concerned. I was right with him on the kill or be killed part. War is war and, when the living are nastier than the walkers, then you do what needs to be done to stay alive one more day. A good General, and believe me when I say that Rick has surpassed governor and gone straight to general, would have spied on the enemy before making his move. The biggest goof up was bringing Maggie on the trip. Why was she even given a choice? Her coming forced Carol to go into “Mom Mode” and we saw how that worked out. Stupid!

Rick’s attacking while the enemy was sleeping was actually a good plan, but the alarm was sounded and it turned into a free for all. Poor Glenn had to kill his first non-walker and he killed these men like he’d killed the walkers. We often wonder when and if Team Rick will ever cross the line of no return, but Glenn’s reaction to killing non-walkers leads me to think that they still hold on to some facade of humanity… but for how long when we have a minister and a man who calls himself, Jesus, blowing fist-sized-holes in the Saviors?

The best laid plans of mice and men always, not sometimes, but always go awry when you’re living in the apocalypse. Sure, the team found the armory and escaped with no causalities on our side, but as Morgan considers his bad choices while welding, Team Rick is notified that Carol and Maggie have been captured. Blood is coming and we haven’t even met Negan yet. I’m wondering if I need to get a bigger bottle of Tums. See you next week, my little walker snacks.

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